Rios defends Joachim Loew

Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Rios defended coach Joachim Loew.

Rios stressed that he did not understand Loew's criticism or demanded his release and the search for a new director.

"We still have confidence in him," Rios said in an interview with the Deutsche Tsitung newspaper on Thursday.

"Loew has won a lot of German football over the past decade."

Rios is missing from a friendly match with Germany at the end of the day due to leg injuries.

Loew has been training for Germany since 2006, but recently he was hit hard after the World Cup and the attack continued as the results of the machines fell in UEFA.

But since the World Championship, Loew made many changes in the strength of his team and used many young players.

A German team can land in UEFA, but it is not important for Rios.

"Honestly, I do not care, it really matters that the World Cup and the European Cup," Dortmund said.

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