Saudi prosecution reveals the circumstances of the Khashoggi case … and calls for the deaths of five accused

He said the communiqué for the restoration of the journalist was issued by a former deputy head of the intelligence service … The murder order was issued by the leader of the negotiating team … Continuing the inquiry with ten other

Saudi prosecutors yesterday announced that the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul earlier this month led to the death penalty against five out of 11 men charged with committing a crime.

Investigations from the prosecution found that three intelligence, negotiation and logistics teams led to the return of the victim to Saudi Arabia, whether by persuasion or by force. At a press conference at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Riyadh, Shalan al-Shal'an, an official prosecutor, said that "fighting and fighting" took place in the Istanbul consulate in Istanbul on 2 October, and that "a victim" his death ».

Khashoggi's body was exported from the consulate after it was distributed and handed over to a "local co-worker," he said, adding that a tiny co-worker fee will be sent to Turkey. He also stressed that the body was not yet known.

Chalashan said that Khashoggi was killed after a "failed negotiation process" to return him to the kingdom, and that he was ordered to kill the "messengers of the action" to return him, and that Khashoggi deportation came from a former deputy head of the intelligence service that was past month removed.

He stressed that the information provided to the team leader about the incident was misleading and pointed out that the Saudi Crown Prince did not know the details.

Saudi prosecution has confirmed he is still awaiting requests from the Turkish side, including testimonies of witnesses and cell phones of victims, emails and recordings they have announced.

Sheikh Saud, Attorney General, stated in his statement that, according to the Saudi-Turkish Joint Task Force and the investigation by the Saudi Public Prosecutor's Office with 21 detainees (in connection with the other three) And to bring the case to court, and continued the investigation with the other detained to reach the reality of their position and roles, demand the execution of a command and start murdering them, the number of five people, and the imposition of legitimate sanctions that others owe.

Al-Shalan pointed out that the public prosecutor's office had previously asked the Turkish side to provide the evidence and evidence it had, including the property of all the phonograms at their disposal. A special co-operation mechanism should be signed to provide the results of investigations under the law. Still waiting for the answer to their demands.

Documents include testimonies of witnesses, home of the victim's home, a copy of his mobile phone's content, e-mails on his mobile phone, and audio records announced by the Turkish side, stating that the Public Prosecutor's Office does not comment on the media leak.

He explained that the incident began before the death of Jamal Khashoggi for three days when a commander's command was issued by the former intelligence chief (Ahmad Asiri). Restore the victim by persuading if he is not convinced by force. The Task Force suggested to a former intelligence vice president that a former colleague to work with a former counselor (adviser) at the Royal Court of Saudi Al-Qahtani) to chair a negotiating group because of the victim's prior knowledge.

"The former Chief of the Intelligence Chief turned to a former counselor and asked him to chair a negotiating group." The counselor agreed and asked to meet the task manager. the mission was kidnapped by organizations and states by hostile Saudi Arabia, and that its presence abroad poses a threat to the security of the country, and that is a great success for the mission. "Shalan said the former counselor was being called investigation and denied travel.

Al-Shalan continued, "The working group communicates with a forensic expert to investigate the vital effects of the operation in the event of a violent return … This was done individually without reference to that specialist, and Turkey has secured a safe place if it needs to be returned with force." He informed the situation within the consulate of the head of the negotiating group and found that "if the victim could not be transferred to a safe place and the operation failed, he would be killed."

The investigation showed that the order and killers of the five people admitted that and responded to their statements where the body was separated by direct murderers and was transferred out of the consulate building where it was found that a person had disabled security cameras in a consulate building and what was raised in Turkish media tools and others, it was not proven during the investigation. Five people removed the body from the consulate and one of them handed it over to a local co-worker. A picture of the coworker of the transmitted body was acquired based on the description of the person who handed over the body.

The investigation showed that one of the team members surrendered Khashoggi's clothes and threw them after he left the container, including clocks and glasses, accompanied by two team members after leaving the consulate. The number of members of the logistic support of the crime perpetrators, four people, concluded that the task manager agreed with the negotiating group and their president who had decided and started to kill and gave a false message to the former Deputy Secretary-General, including a declaration of leaving the consulate victim, Negotiation process or violent return.

Changing accounts of the killings of Jamal Khashoggi during the last season Sheik al-Shalan said that the crime scene is not in Saudi Arabia and that the novel is based on statements of detainees that were initially denied and that there is a report submitted to the former Secretary General of Intelligence, approximately 10 days after which the High Order was issued, to refer the matter to the Public Prosecutor's Office and investigate.

Saleh, the son of Jamal Khashoggi, has appealed for his father's life from Friday to Sunday at a family home in Jeddah. Salah's announcement went through a tweet that he published in his Twitter account and called on God to accept him with his mercy and inspire him to be patient for losing his father.

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