Saudi stock market traders are waiting for 4 important events! • Al-Marsad newspaper

Observatory report: 4 important events await traders in the local stock market this week.

Among these events, in addition to trading the Extraordinary General Meeting for the purpose of raising capital in the paper industry, with the right to subscribe for preference shares of rights, were traded today at the beginning of the subscription in the Alkhabeer Diversified Income Fund.

On Monday, cash dividends will be paid to owners of Fitaihi Group shares who are entitled to the payment of profits, and the beginning of the trading period for preference rights and subscription of new shares of Amiantit, according to Okaz.

On the other hand, the US Petroleum Institute’s oil reserves report, the Energy Information Administration’s oil and gasoline report, along with Aramco’s monthly gasoline price control report and Baker Hughes’ oil rig report, are expected to be announced this week.

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