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Story "Little Cat" The most beautiful stories of small children

He was in one of the best forests, where there was fresh air, beautiful life, huge jungles, various plants and long rivers, life was dignified and all animals lived happily in this beautiful forest and this forest was dominated by a lion who knew justice and helped animals and defended them. The forest was strong and courageous and united and helped everywhere, the forest was more beautiful than other forests with picturesque nature and tall trees, forests had rules and conditions that every animal must respect and which violate these laws. M your punishment.

It was near this huge jungle farm hunter was great and lives in this farm many animals left the forest and lived on this farm and the farm was beautiful with chickens and rabbits, and on this farm lived a family of cats, lived long and found in this happy farm if they don't. This forest is a jungle and I found in the forest who gave them food instead of looking for it when they were in the woods, and this family was made up of cats and small cats.

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One day, the cat decided on this short journey in this forest with her little children Farah, the cats were beautiful and small, and in this forest the big cat fox was afraid, his son's father warned the cats of this cat fox. His father began to search for him until he found him in the hands of the fox, and the cat attacked him cruelly until the fox entered, and this time the little cat heard the words of his son. Fox heard it and went looking for new prey.

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