The death of the great Egyptian artist Adel Imam this morning and the Arab world is flooded with grief … and a famous Egyptian journalist suddenly reveals details of what happened to the leaders.

Thank you for your reading and your interest in the urgent news: the death of the great Egyptian artist Adel Imam this morning and the Arab world is gripped by grief .. and a famous Egyptian journalist reveals details of what happened to the leaders suddenly and now in full detail

Aden – Yasmine Abdel Azim – Anonymous accounts on social media circulated reports of the death of the great artist Adel Imam this morning after his health deteriorated.

From time to time, we have received a number of reports claiming that the health of the Egyptian artist “Adel Imam”, nicknamed the leader, has deteriorated through anonymous social media accounts, and are being intensively interacted with by many who are interested in the full truth about this. report.

In recent hours, social networking sites have witnessed reports of the leader’s death circulating widely, amid anxiety and sadness among many fans and followers of the Egyptian artist.


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And before this novelty, which is still considered rumors because it is anonymous and has not been confirmed by the artist’s family or the artist’s syndicate.
It should be noted that rumors of the death of the artist Adel Imam from time to time dominate the surface and focus on the leader due to his great popularity among the people and his widespread fame.
Last month, the rumor of the death of artist Adel Imam, which was at the top of social networks, was published and people could believe it before journalist (Samir Fakih), author of the program (Sweetest Stars) presented in the media, Bossi Shalaby, denies and confirms that the leader is in good health.

It is noteworthy that the artist Adel Imam is considered one of the most famous actors in Egypt and the Arab world and became famous for playing comedy roles, which were mixed in many films with love, political and social problems. He began his artistic career in 1960 and has participated in many films, games and series.


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