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This is the sex of Princess Harry's child and Megane Royal Marquel

The 37-year-old Duchess Meghan Markle, who is due to give birth in April, said she and her husband, Prince Harry, did not want to reveal the sex of her first child, Adult Child Ceremony and the reception of her first royal child in New York from one of Megan's friends be in social networks. Pink color of the girls, not the blue color of the boys, was known as "Bint", revealed the sex of the child The first of them concerned Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, at Baby's reception and Baby Shawar in New York hosted by her close friends Serena Williams, for human rights and international lawyer Amal Clooney, which cost about half a million dollars. The Bintin luxury at The Mark in New York.

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While the private party paid the cost of a trip to London and New York to Megane Markle, Amal Clooney went on a trip back to her close friend, Megan Markell, years ago with a private plane for $ 125,000. After Megan's return to London, he showed a source close to Prince William that Prince William had made an alarm at the high cost of the Baby Shawar ceremony, a tradition of America, not Britain.

Megan Markle's attempt to hide her child's sex was useless because one of her friends or one of her organizers in New York through Media Media Kashif has always revealed private secrecy despite harsh efforts to hide and keep it secret. News and photos were published on the Turkish site "Gecce".

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The American mackerel Daniel Martin-Sfier, a ten-year-old friend of Megan Markle, Christian Dior, who enjoyed a Baby Shore concert in New York, also launched a cocktail reception at Ingrid and told a news reporter that he had sent Megan style and makeup for her wedding test with a text message Her makeup on a wedding day was easy when she met Megan because she knew what she prefers her makeup for her wedding day and reveals she prefers simple natural makeup even at her wedding night.

The British Royal Palace did not yet announce the nationality of the newborn, but the radiated pictures reveal the certainty that Megan Markle, who is pregnant as a female child, chose the pink color as the special color of the Shawar child's first royal child ceremony.

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