Thursday , June 20 2019
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Today's journalists produce egg medications

A team of British scientists has shown that genetically modified chickens can produce active substances in their egg used in human medicine.

Scientists published their findings Thursday in BMC Biotechnology.

Researchers have explained that these substances consist of proteins from proteins and may later be separated for use as medication.

Although the German expert has confirmed that it is useful in the context of evaluating the results of the study, she skeptical about what these results can lead to a major shift.

Scientists led by Helen Sang of the University of Edinburgh focused on two different proteins: interferon is an effective drug used against various forms of cancer and hepatitis, CSF is a potential drug stimulating the affected tissue for spontaneous recovery.

Researchers have found that genetically modified chickens originally produced large amounts of interferon, so only three eggs were sufficient to obtain a quantity of protein suitable for drug use.

Scientists have said that egg-derived materials were at least as clean as materials produced in cell cultures and as effective.

They did not find any negative health effects on chickens.

Sang, however, said in his statement on his university: "We have not produced human drugs yet, but the study demonstrates the possibility of commercial use of chickens to produce proteins that are suitable for the development of medicines and other organic technology applications.

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