Trio Ahli flies to Tunisia .. Tomorrow

Ahmed Fathi and Hisham Mohammed and Moon Zakaria, the first players in the Al Ahli football team, travel to Tunisia on Friday morning to support their colleagues from Red against Esperance in the African Championship.

Al-Ahly meets Esperanza Tunis on Friday night at the Olympic Stadium in Brads in the final stage of the Continental Championship.

Trio wants to support and support the team from the stadium, especially when the team is just 90 minutes from the crowning of the ninth African title in the history of the Red Knight, who will not participate in the championship championship since 2013.

Trio loses Al Ahli in tomorrow's match, Fathi suffers from a frontal muscle disorder, Hisham complains to the back of his muscle while Zakaria is technically excluded.

Al-Ahli won the first goal three goals against the goal held at the Army Stadium in Burj Al Arab in Alexandria.

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