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12 novinky o večeru Champions League: 4 new qualifiers, Paris invokes everything, Neymar in history … – Football

Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, FC Porto and Schalke 04 qualified in the 16th round, PSG and Tottenham restart everything, Monaco finally from Europe, Neymar offers a record … Discover the most important game games Wednesday counts for the fifth day of the Champions League.

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A point that suffices for BvB's luck.

Results on Wednesday:

Group A: Atletico Madrid 2-0 MONACO, Borussia Dortmund 0-0 FC Bruges
Group B: Tottenham 1-0 Inter Milan, PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Barcelona
Group C: PSG 2-1 Liverpool, Napoli 3-1 red star
Group D: Lokomotiv 2-0 Gatalasaray, Porto 3-1 Schalke

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1. Four more in 8e!At the end of the fifth day of the group phase of Champions League disputes on Tuesday and Wednesday, now we know that 12 out of 16 qualified for round 16,Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, FC Porto and Schalke 04confirmed their admission on Wednesday and joined the 8 teams that already had a qualification in their pocket:FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Ajax Amsterdam, Real Madrid, AS Roma, Manchester City, Juventus Turin and Manchester United.

2. PSG raises everything! After the start of an unsatisfactory European campaign, Paris finally replied that Liverpool (2-1) on the Parc des Princes. Bernat (13th) and Neymar (37th) allow the club of the capital to double the red in 2nd place and keep your fate in his hands before you get to Etoile Rouge in Belgrade in 15 days during the last day. Milner scored well before the penultimate break (45 + 2) and PSG suffered a lot in the second period, but teammates Thiago Silva, author of the standard match, kept well. To read the match report, it's here!

3. Tottenham is not dead! Forcing Inter Milan to remain alive, Spurs waited for 80 minutes and Eriksen's free kickwho benefited from the good work of French Moussa Sissoko to achieve the goal by winning 1-0. Previously, Winks found the bar and The Italians thought they were holding this point to qualifyFinally, the club in London overcomes the balance of direct confrontations and everything will be played on the last day between the two teams with Bara-Tottenham and Inter-PSV,

4. Record Neymar! The Brazilian was really! Touch in the weak and long indefinite for a clash against Liverpool (2-1), the PSG striker kept his post and scored the second goal of the capital club closing the counter that he initiated. It is 31. Completion of the former Barcelona in the C1 category, This number allows him to become the best Brazilian player in the history of the competition by dedicating Kak (30 goals).

5. This time it ended for AS Monaco. Dj limin race to the 8th finals, the prince club will not be defeated in the European League because he lost 2: 0 in Atletico Madrid. Very reconstructed with the pressure of young Badiashile, Biancone and MassengoThierry Henry's men slipped on the Badiashile CSC in just 87 seconds, and Griezmann put Colchoneros under the cover (24th). Falcao was missing in the game late, To read the match report, it's here!

6. Dortmund without radiation. Considered to be an offensive game that captures Germany and Europe this season, Borussia has not been faithful to the reputation and BvB admitted a sad draw against Brugge (0-0), This point is sufficient send a man to Lucien Favre in the 16th roundWith two points behind Atletico is the 1st place for Dortmund far behind.

7. Loco folds the folder. Opposes in shock from group D, FC Porto and Schalke 04 (3-1) went without a headBoth clubs can thank Lokomotiv Moscow, who qualified them a little earlier, before the start, with Galatasaray (2-0), The Russians made a difference on Donkov's CSC, which had a shot from Krychowiak (43) and a goal from Ignacev (54). Still in the race to third place, Loko returns a point from his victim on the day.

8. Naples will have to wait … Dominant Italian Deputy Prime Minister has made a 3-1 victory for Etoile Rouge in Belgrade, but this success does not allow him to qualify today. because PSG won Liverpool (2-1). The Partenoffs will play their place in the 8th Anfield against the Red during the last day. Tonight, Hamsik (11th) and double Mertens (34th, 52nd) made a difference for the men Carlo Ancelotti despite a lowering score Ben Nabouhane (57th).

9. Bara plays the game Dj qualified and dismissed executives such as Umtiti and Suarez, Catalan club won 2-1 on PSV EindhovenBut everything was not easy and Blaugrana was occasionally brown, with the Netherlands figuring the amounts three times in the first period. Messi match, relay with Dembl (61rd) and goal from Piqu (70th) on a free kick from the Argentine team, however, offered a victory for the Spaniards against the De Jong scoring score (83).

10. Porto secures his head. For a long time, the match between Drake and Schalke 04 (3-1) was without taste. Both teams were qualified before the start. Finally, everything went into the second period with goals from Milito (52), Corony (55) and Marega (90 + 4), which made it possible to concretize its dominance despite a very late Bentaleb for Germans 89). With this success, Porto will ensure that he ends up before the group before his victim on the day.

11. Jewel Messi. Discussion, the match between PSV and Bara (1-2) overturned without the brilliant sign of Lionel Messi, While his team, who had already qualified, scored, Captain Bara took things into his own hands by piercing first-line opponents before leaning on Dembl, then disagreement on the opponent's surface will result in firing from the left flush with the pillar (61). With 6 achievements on the meter, Pulga joined Robert Lewandowski (Bayern) at the top of the organizers,

VIDEO: Messi has fun in defending PSV and offers a jewel to the audience … (after announcement)

12. Paris, more than victory. By winning against Liverpool (2-1), PSG has completely revived his chances of winning round 16, and this success was almost like a qualification with jubilant scenes and players who have long been in contact with the public after the final whistle. Very much, Paris captain Thiago Silva was on the verge of tears at the moment of expressing its pride at the end of this success of prestige.

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