Africa for Africa, respecting the balance of nature (responsible)

Speaking at the opening summit of the eighth summit on Africans, the Dakar city reaffirmed the commitment of African partners to achieve unity and integration of African countries. continent "from its territory and respect for its diversity".

"We are committed to working towards the emergence of Africa, reconciled with humanity, drawing on its enormous cultural reserve, to restore societies that respect the rights of everyone, such as the rights of future generations," Wardini added.

She continued to emphasize the need to devote time to reflection, in particular, to local and regional elected representatives who face day-to-day difficulties.

She also said, we need to give time for exchange to pinpoint problems and problems, many of which are common to African cities.

And in this respect, it is advocating solutions to African community communities because, according to Mayor Dakar, African problems have to find their solution primarily in Africa.

The eighth edition of the Africa Summit, which will continue until 24 November, will open in the morning and will address different themes including demographic change and urbanization, ecological transitions, democratic and political transitions, economic and social transitions, and cultural and communication transition.

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