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All you have to remember from the first week of Medinatoul Salam's double-murder trial

During this first week, 38 people took part, the first of whom was charged (18), eyewitnesses, two sheikh wives, two close relatives of the victims, a ballistics expert, an animal biology expert, a psychiatric expert, had to treat one of the victims. Many details that until then seemed vague because the elements of the investigation filtered very little, clearly with this ultimate and decisive act for the future mis en thing. This shows a strong presumption of innocence on Cheikh Béthio's personality tried in absentia.

The brawl described took place in the main square of the village of Medinatoul Salam, in front of a 7-hectare marabout concession and not inside the house. The distance of about 1 km, interrupted by concrete walls divided into flats, was separated by Sheikha Béthia from the jerking spot. This is confirmed by the protagonists' statements, eyewitnesses, and the evocation of factual reconstruction.

The 18 accused were questioned several times by the Mbour court, which was passed on by various lawyers of different parties. Of these 18 defendants, who on April 22, 2012, listed almost all the details, no one is responsible for the marabout, nor is it communicating with it earlier, during the struggle and its actual outcome.

Two of the defendants admit that he was questioned in the evening (around 11 o'clock) by Sheikh Béthiem when he was informed of the struggle against the potential injury of village chief Keur Samba, but claimed to have hidden the truth by speaking to him. Light wounded in Madinatula Salam's disciples' camp and not the dead who have already been buried.

The L200, which was supposed to transport the remnants of Sheikh Béthio, had negative results in the traces of blood collected, which were of animal and non-human origin. The bodies were therefore transported by a car of one of the accused, where the victims' blood traces were formally identified. All biological knowledge was carried out by Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Sy.

The rifle, which was used by one of the accused, was handed over to him by Sheikh Béthio (who had administrative permission), but a few months earlier, as a shepherd who was engaged in keeping the cattle herd at night. One hundred heads parked in Peru in the village of Medinatoul Salam. The shepherd claims at the bar that he fired four times, including three as summons and the last shot badly controlled to intimidate. He says then, when he went to the evidence, he wanted to get rid of the rifle by helping a classmate who was also present among the accused. Balistics confirms that the bullet from this rifle in the hands of the shepherd reached the late Ababacar Diagne.

It appears during confrontations between witnesses on the part of the group that accompanied the two victims and the defendants that they were two groups of talibes who often looked at each other in stoneware dogs and who even came to strikes. once in Thies, sometimes in Gadaye. As a result, no one was uniquely focused, but the fight degenerated April 22 between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

A psychiatrist, who had to heal the name of Bara Sow in 3 years, describes a man who, unfortunately, suffered from a strong paranoia who had to review and continue treatment with Sheikh Béthiem a month before tragedy. Suggestions start this Monday, followed by prosecutor's props …

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