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Barça: Frames require special customization for Dembélé

Ousmane Dembélé, who was highly criticized for his mistrust, undertook some reframing in Barcelona.

Coach Ernesto Valverde has interfered with him several times in his statements or outside the group. And the Frenchman also received reports from some of the teammates like Luis Suarez and Gerard Piqué. Eventually, the leadership made clear things with their agent during an international truce. But we must believe that the time of criticism ended for Dembélé, which Sergio Busquets defended at the beginning of the week.

" It was not that difficult to handle, says the center of the interview given to Sport. Ousmane is a good person, is young, comes from abroad and needs time to adapt. He is a great player, we want to help him bring us a lot, he has the means. And the Spaniard is not the only worker ready to help a young wing. Ivan Rakitic, who touched the target, asked the press to calm down the game.

Rakitic speaks to the media

" It is not easy to come to the largest club in the world and the daily pressure of such a team will not stop. You have to give him some timesaid Croatian. He has incredible qualities and I'm sure you have to get rid of that player (when he makes mistakes). It's worth it for such players because they have a huge career ahead. Goalkeeper of the equalizer against Atletico Madrid (1-1) on Saturday, Dembélé can count on supporting Barça.

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