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"Cheikh Oumar Sy Djamil, with this document, you hit hard! (Seydi Djamil Niane)

The Museum of Negro Civilizations is sure to remember this date because it is historical. The tears of the audience saw them accompanying the smiles of others, and the applause and shouts of another party that visibly dominated emotions, this evening on January 24, 2019.
Since you came several hundred people, we present the fruits of six years of work. Six years of self-sacrifice, research and production, with few resources, gave birth to the wonderful documentary film Serigne Mansour Sy Boro Daaraji: A Journey into the World of a Devoted Intellectual.
It is a historical fact, both cultural and academic. Historical because it is the first of its kind. Cultural because it is an artistic production that talks about the Senegal legend. But that's what interests me most, it's the academic dimension of the work.
Academic because you talked about the most famous academics in Senegal. Doctor Bakary Sambe, Professor Souleyman Bachir Diagne, or Pr Mamadou Diouf, all known for their severity in their scientific work.
Academic because it also deals with a question spoken elsewhere by Professor Ousmane Kane when he calls for the reimbursement of knowledge in West Africa. How to explain that Serigne Mansour Sy Boroom Daaraji, with his hundreds of scientific productions in poetry as in prose, does not receive the same attention in our education and university system as Voltaire, Sartre or Nietzsche? This is the question that this kinematic realization raises. I took an example of Boroom Daaraji because the film was dedicated to him, but we can also say about Sheikh Ahmad Bambo, Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse or Elhadji Malick Sy, unknown from the Senegalese people, not to mention these.
This subject, which is devoted to film, deserves reflection panels and years of defense for the very refounding of our school, which today does not hold on to the anthropological and sociological reality of the country.
But that's not all. The Boroom Daraji you introduced to us is a devoted intellectual. Thanks to this spirit of determination and practice of scientific theories, he developed in his work that he managed to resolve the conflict between the ethnic groups in Casamance, which lasted more than forty years. Within ten days, Serigne Mansour solved a problem that no politician could solve in four decades.
I will take this text to encourage all institutions and centers, schools and research laboratories, associations and authorities of this country to do their utmost, I would say that it is impossible to look at this beautiful film production by Sheik Oumar Sy Djamil. Work of this kind must be supported by all if it contributes to the cultural influence of our country and contributes to the restoration of our education system.
Sheik Oumar Daal Gaaca Ngaalaama
Dr. Seydi Diamil Niane
Dakar, January 29, 2019

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