Donald Trump has attacked Rihanna for …


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This is a message that will be very difficult for US President Donald Trump's supporters. According to our Times Magazine colleagues, singer Rihanna has published a Twitter message warning the current US president that she does not want her hits to play at the Republican party.

If we stick to the Washington Post by Philip Rucker, the song Rihanna was played during the mid-term campaign last Sunday:

"It was said a million times, but it will say a million and once: Trumps do not look like anything else in politics. Currently, Rihanna writes" Do not Stop The Music "in Chattanooga as volunteers who are looser in the crowd for free Trumps, during a sports match, everyone loves him, "he tweeted.


A few minutes after reading this tweet from Philip Rucker, a native of Barbados, he responded:


"More for a long time …" she tweeted. "Neither me nor my" people "(in this context translated by" my fans "or" my friends ") would go to one of these tragic encounters, thanks for telling me, Philip!"

It has to be said that Rihanna is very against the political Republic of Donald Trump. She also put her name on a growing list of artists who refuse to play their hits at the President of the United States. Several days before, Pharrell Williams threatened Trump for litigation for the same reasons. Axel Rose also asked for her Guns N Roses to be shown at these meetings.

Despite this rejection openly expressed by some, Trump can count on the support of singers like 50 cents and Kanye West.



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