EESC Presidium: Macky Sall asks for parity

DAKAR, November 29 (APS) – The head of state Macky Sall officially installed the Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs (EESC) Council on Wednesday, an opportunity for him to insist on the principle of equality of office setting up this institution.

"We must respect the principle of parity in the Constitution of the Office for Economic, Social and Environmental Councils," President Sall said at a ceremony.

According to him, "this ceremony has a special significance by concluding the five successful years of this institution and opening a new term, marking the beginning of a new mission for some and for the second new level of service, to the nation."

He also reiterated his "confidence in EESC President Aminat Tall" and "all his members".

This institution, the enlarged head of state, is "one of the strongest foundations of inclusive governance".

It urges EESC members to start thinking about the reforms that must accompany the emerging Senegalese plan. [PSE]like the administration, so that citizens can be satisfied with the service they receive ".

"I urge you to continue to pay special attention to the implementation of the SES and to open up all social groups to listen to this quiet meeting," the head of state said.

President Sall also recalled "the autonomy of trade unions, bosses and policies that make up this institution," which suggests that managers need a lot of wisdom.

He called "all the members of this institution to a high sense of responsibility" and demonstrated "unwavering commitment".

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