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Essonne: Salif Keita gives "on" the Essonne-Mali festival

"With Salif Keitou, we met with the same values," said Aurélie Gros (LR), Vice President of the Council for Culture. It was absolutely natural to propose him to be the godfather of this edition, 2 019. "This Friday, Malionian musician will start the Essonne Mali Festival Stage Plan in Ris-Orangis. First date before many sessions throughout the department.

Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and even screenings of films, the programming of this new edition is rich and varied. Almost 40 events in ten days, 16 host cities and no less than 39 partners were associated to create this unique poster. "This project is based on the culture of culture and, more broadly, around African culture," says Aurélie Gros. Collaboration with Mali is one of the oldest in the department. It is based on equality, our two countries are represented equally. Our ambition is now to create a festival in Mali. "

Exchanges with the public

Great, programming gives pride of place to all areas of African culture. Dance will be represented this Saturday during an exhibition at the Boussy-Saint-Antoine Cultural Center, West African music will resonate Etampes on February 9 at the Nuru Kane Bahos concert (10 €), and exhibitions of photographs or traditional art will follow Draveil, Bures-sur-Yvette Massy. Finally, the theater will not be represented in Corbeil-Essonnes, Briis-sous-Forges or Saint-Michel-sur-Orge.

Public workshops and internships will be offered to support exchanges with the public. On February 3, two dance workshops will take place in Ris-Orangis. In the morning, a percussion workshop will also be offered.

"This new edition can be considered the real first edition of the festival, concluded by the chosen department, last year we joined Africolor programming, and we have our own programming this time."


Early 50 years of career and always this desire intact to defending the colors of Mali. This year, EM Fest selected Salifa Keita as his sponsor, who will start a world tour in April, during which he will release ten tracks of his latest album "Another White".

Why did you agree that you are the godfather of this 2E edition?

SALIF KEITA. "This is cultural cooperation between Essonne and Mali, and I could only accept it because we speak French, we are francophone, and we need such actions to be presented.

What are your roles?

I will perform a concert Friday night and on Saturday I will be present at the screening of Manthia Diawara's "Opera of the World" (edited by Cinoches in Ris-Orangis). I discover the film at the same time as the audience, then I exchange with the participants.

What are the implications of this festival for Mali?

It brings peace and promotes cultural exchange. Music is a very good way to solve some social problems. Everything that can give a good picture of Mali is good. We feel encouraged, and that is a lot to us.

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