Europa League: Catastrophic record of French clubs in Europe

Bordeaux admitted a draw against Zenit Petrograd (1-1) on Thursday night, the fourth day of the group stage of the European League. Garlands can not – except for miracles – qualify for round 32.


Finally, they finally come to Europe with the GACP and King Street premiere: it's a fun evening that lived on Thursdays on Bordeaux Thursday in relation to Zenit Saint Petersburg (1-1). Long convincing, Girondins almost made a perfect shot to satisfy their fans skeptically about buying the club. "GACP, King Street, we did wrong," said 8,000 spectators at the Matmut Atlantic Stadium, particularly the Ultra Marines. In 20 minutes and Zabolotny's goal, hope could be born. Instead, Eric Bedouet, the last six points behind the second place of Slavia Prague, gave up almost all the hopes of reaching the 16th final of the C3 and closed a new gray or even black week of French football.

After a very good start, Kamano had still opened the point that was awarded after Mammany's Sabal (35th) hit. In addition to a small heat stroke at the end of the first hit, the club grew a bit scared at this meeting. In fact, he had to wait for the bad recovery of the Imperial Pablo so far as to make Driussi the opportunity to open the score (68th). But too soft Brazilian intervention was then deadly to offset (72nd). In the late game without big rhythm, FCGB had the last chance to score three points on a pivotal hit signed by Preville (86th). Insufficient to prevent the bitter taste in the mouth of Bordeaux in the next few days.

The Match Game

24 minutes
Poundjé overflows to the left and sends a good center to the box. Cornelius has the best on Neto and places a head that passes just above.

32th minute
Two-sided opportunity for Bordeaux! On the balloon that failed to send back, Kamano tries half-right to hit the left column of Louňov. The Bordeaux Wing follows but does not fall to the left before the goal …

35th minute (1-0)
The goal of Bordeaux! On a fine that was very generously granted to Sabalu, Kamano caught Louni's legs by crossing his shot!

44th minute
Zabolotny, who finds himself in the opposite side of the right-hand side, is in a good position to stand in the far position Costil has just moved into the corner.

52th minute
Sankharé moves Kalu to the right. He returns to his left foot and packs a blow that burns the right amount of Lounius.

68 minutes into the match
On a ball of stupid lost Pable, Driussi is served in a box and hits hard. His attempt goes very slightly above.

72th minute (1-1)
Zenit equalizes! Pablo is easily eliminated by Kuzyaev on the left. The second one is Zabolotny's back, which Costil manages himself on the penalty spot.

86th minute
Appearing on the surface, de Preville keeps his ball well after checking his chest and triggers a pivotal stroke that turned away Neto, who is clutching the left column.

Tops and hoops


Very active, Samuel KALU he tried and managed to dribble, made interesting passes and threw a lot of luck. He also approached ten centers that did not benefit the Bordeaux strikers. His bullet from the left would deserve a better fate and defend the Girondins if necessary.

It is related to Claudio Marchisio in the middle of the field, Leandro PAREDES glowing in his passing game, he was so briefly clean in his short play. It is also on one of its cross-sections that have arrived in the Russian settlement. The Argentine was not even in defensive work.

Younousse SANKHARE was very present among the ranks and valuable in his shifts and his game forward. The leader of Bordeaux has released several key passes despite his slow down in the game.


The first imperial behind, PABLO he offered Zenit a balanced ball with a stupid loss of the ball. A few minutes later the Brazilian was too mild to Kuzyaev and the Russian club settled. What prey has the advantage that was part of a very good foundation.

You can not really get away from the half-time, Jimmy BRIAND did not improve the average impression left by Andreas Cornelius. Former Guingampais tried things but regularly missed his choices and actions.

It certainly was not the night of all the assailants Sebastian DRIUSSI also had a very complicated game. The Argentine striker was found very poorly and negotiated poorly with his only (great) opportunity to meet.

The Referee shall report

Mr. Lechner followed the recommendation of his superficial referee by giving Bordeaux a grand penalty. He could have punished Kaman in the second half and easily split the boxes.

Match Bet

Europa League (Group C) / BORDEAUX – ZENIT SAINT-PETERSBURG: 1-1

Matmut Atlantic Stadium (8907 spectators)
Nice weather – lawn in good condition
referee : M.Lechner (AUT / 4)

objectives : Kamano (35th) for Bordeaux – Zabolotny (72nd) for Zenit

warning : Jovanovic (41st), Kamano (64th) for Bordeaux – Anyuk (23.), Nabiullin (31st), Louniov (35th), Neto (59th)

expulsion : None

Costil (cap) (6) – Sabaly (6), Jovanovic (5), Pablo (4), Pound (6) – Lerager (5), Plasyl (6), then Préville (84th) – Kalu (6), Sankharé (6), Kamano (6), then Karamoh (67th) – Cornelius (4) and Briand (45th) (4)

He did not participate : Chick, Koundé, Palencia, Chouameni, Préville
coach : E.Bedouet

Louniov (5) – Anyukov (5), then Mak (60th), Mamman (cap) (5), Neto (5), Mevlja (5), Nabiullin (5) – Marchisio (6), Paredes (6), Ierokin (4), then Kuzyaev (65th) – Zabolotny (6), Driussi (4), then Shatov (78.)

He did not participate : Lodygin, Kerzakhov, Ozdoev, Kranevitter
coach : S.Semak

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