Everything you need to know about appealing against Barthélemy Dias …

On April 17, 2018, Barthélémy Dias was sentenced to six months imprisonment in the Dakar Court for contempt by a court, raising an unjustified assembly, discredited by a court ruling.

After six months of imprisonment at the Mac of Rebeusse, on Sunday, September 30, 2018, the freedom of Mermoz-Sacré Coeur restores freedom. Contrary to the accusations he murdered him, Jean Diáse's son appealed for the release of his criminal record.

Today, Wednesday 07.11.2018, one of the closest associates of Khalifa Salla, former mayor of Dakar, returned to the bar but without the presence of more of his lawyers, including Me Ciré Clédor Ly, who are currently traveling outside the country.

At 9:55, a judge, his assistant, a prosecutor, and a clerk in charge of a corrective hearing will appear in a sixth (6) court in the third chamber of the Dakar Court of Appeal. From Camp Barthélemy Dias, just one black dress, Me Khouraichi Bâ, take his defense.

At the beginning of the lawsuit, Barthélemy remembers the reasons that prevailed in his six-month prison firm, and he did not reject all the accusations he had on his shoulder, instead of the trial.

I did not judge a judge At the first level the judge did not want to listen to me He wanted to punish me The government in all circumstances wants all the opponents to be in jail He wanted to take me as an example to a parrot or to discourage others We have a presidential ambition and do everything, that our candidate (Khalifa Sall) be introduced in February 2019 ".

He said: "I have never damaged the judge, I admit that I may not like my remarks, but I have never dealt with judges but with the judiciary, I am here for purely political reasons, and that leads me to the question of why, as every election approaches, ? "

In his lawsuits, Mayor Dias showed the judge a great restraint, the wisdom at the top of his ambition, the fact that he had washed off the insult because she had been considering the "long arms" of the executive over the judiciary.

He came to the rescue of his colleague Me Khouraichi Bâ, lightning Me El Hadji Diouf ignited the room six (6), on Wednesday 07.11.2018 in the yard of Dakar. Explicitly in prayers, the philosopher and the imam at the same time, as he said, attracted the attention of the audience Assange Diouf.

"Today justice is judged … Barthélemy, whether we love it or not, it is someone we should not sacrifice." He loves his country, he is neither a bandit nor a drug dealer or anything else, he is a brave young man who loves his country, he fights for him and we must love him, not to sacrifice … ", wrote El Hadji Diouf for the first time in more than a sophisticated theory reminiscent of the Socratic Majesty that gave birth to the spirit of triumph of truth. The court did not like this technique, and Me Diouf later disappeared.

For black dress, Barthélémy Dias is simply a victim of criticism of the city's affairs. To this end, he states: "In a country where criticism and self-criticism are postponed, with developments." This decision to make Barthélemy as someone who has discredited a court ruling or offended a judge is simply an unacceptable decision because it is not objective but rather subjective.

"The judges in this case, when they know they have no arguments, have responded to their lack of arguments, only in Senegal, where people are imprisoned for their opinion." Judge here believes he is almost inviolable and tends to have his throne crush anyone who touches a small part of his black dress, even God forgives, everyone will judge tomorrow, no one is free from the Almighty's judgment … He must think about it! "

Prosecutor, in the light of El Hadji Diouf, "freedom of expression does not mean that we have the right to say all we want to say. If we let someone say what he wants and treat the institutions of everything we want, the anarchy we create in this country is a disorder Barthélemy must know where the freedom of others begins and where the law stops.

At the end of the filing, about 13 hours and 30 minutes, the judge takes the floor and announces deliberately on December 12, 2018. The room was emptied of his world, consisting of bloodshed of justice, activists and sympathizers Barthélémy Dias, lawyers and journalists.

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