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Hypocrisy, Our First Wealth (By Serigne Saliou Guey)

Today, all those pseudo-religious guides who deliver Peace Reports and form Macky's electoral support did so for Diouf in 2000 and for Wade in 2012
Given that the Constitutional Council unlawfully appealed 22 of the 27 candidates submitted to the presidential elections in February 2019, speeches and acts of violence began to thrive. Already since the wise scenarios of the Constitutional Council, there has been a temporary exclusion of Khalifa Salla and Karim Wade on January 14th.

The Khalifists, who were disappointed with the temporary exclusion of their teacher, demonstrated all their dissatisfaction in their fortress, Ali Ngouille Ndiaye's squad destroyed his bile on the Taxawu Dakar's seat and narrowed him with tear gas bombs. And this tension was highlighted when the Constitutional Judges made a blow to the candidates of Taxawa Dakar and PDS on January 21st. The Karimists and Caliphs handed it over.

The Dem Dikk Dakar buses, which were burned, burnt tires in the Grand-Yoff area, clashes between police and militants Khalify and Karima, were the sad scene of this tragic day when two Senegalese citizens who enjoyed the presidential race, Prince. And the violence continued the next day because the young khalifists were abducted as soon as they disappeared. A number of arrests continued in the suburbs of Pikin and Guédiaway under the pseudo-hypocrisy that the young people who claimed that Karim Wade wanted to sabotage the arrival of President Macky Sallo in Pikin while it was their intention to remind him that his promises made to the suburbs with the delegates were not limited to construction of a place of worship.
The battles of freedom, which began in the 1960s and 1980s, do not address the failures that the Senegalese are facing today. Still, the 2012 rotation was promising that we would not go back to gaining certain democratic rights in Senegal. Today, it is a pity that the Senegalese police, which must be in the service of the citizens, is an instrument of the oligarchy, whose sole purpose is to stay in power contrary to all democratic rights. She became the shield and the sword of the ruling party that imposed "brown terror" instead of being in the exclusive service of citizens. The Senegalese police can not be a puppet and can be manipulated by any regime when we know that the Republic is, in essence, radiating the will of most citizens.

Their job is not to deal with over-indebted non-violent repression and irrational sponsored violence against opponents who have the right to enjoy the freedoms offered by the Basic Law. Today, the road of oppression at the expense of respect for the freedoms that Secretary Ngouille seems to support leads to deadlock. It is possible that the Senegalese police read Article 12 of the Declaration of Human Rights and Citizens: "The guarantee of the rights of man and citizen requires public power, and this power is therefore initiated for the benefit of all, and not for the special utility of those entrusted."
Today, in the face of oppression, resistance is right, rightly enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is in this context that the war rhetoric C-25 on 21 January assimilated the declaration of war against the oppressors. Since then, all the dovees of the earth have shown a white flag to call for peace and serenity. NGOs, civil society, politicians, Umele and Imams, priests, bishops and religious families, and other pacifist democrats have raised their voices either to the hypocritical condemnation of the Belli C-25, or to prayer for peaceful elections. Senegal is a country whose first riches are hypocrisy. Both demagogy and tartufferie have a clear future ahead of them.
Why are Pseudo-MPs suddenly appearing to turn away from peace while having a great responsibility for what is difficult in this country? What is the word of Imams and Ulys who have promised devotion to the supreme Sall and supported him for his re-election? On the occasion of the PSE Workshop held on Faust on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, Imam and Umm Benno Bok Yaakara said in a disgusting manner: "Macky Sall is a social man who has done a lot for religious homes, and his achievements are visible everywhere. everything he did for the various religious homes in the country, it was his duty, but he could do as his predecessors did, Macky Sall is the President of the Imam of Senegal … Senegal is progressing, we pray that in the presidential election Macky Sall will win in 2019 and hope to win because he does not have the same role on the list of presidential candidates … Macky Sall deserves to be re-elected and has our support because the rural world is well taken into account in his policy We have not heard of the outstanding accounts, and despite the difficulty, farmers' production has failed. Social contributions also provide a lot of goods to the recipients. "
Speech can not be more fake than Macky Imams' speech. To say that the rural world, trying to sell its peanut supplies, taking into account the president in his politics is simply ignorance or utter demagogy. Let's say there are no good unpaid bills that prove that these imams who travel in safes and cuddle in mosques or Islamic centers with air conditioning are far from the hot reality of the rural world. Let's ask the peasants from Salou and Ndoucoumane who say they are good, but the whole book of vouchers that are unpaid. Surely, these imams can play feelings to please the prince, but it is their duty to tell the truth by meditating on Sura 9 "Repentance," verse 119, which says, "You who believe, you are afraid of God, and be true, but by the plague of Senegal is rather to initiate a deceptive sykofankost rather than a bare truth to his Majesty.
Where were these imams when the current regime attracted the students of Bassiro Faye and Falda Sena? Where were these imamas tartuffes when the furious rhythm of tams-tams accompanied by "Mbarassem" drowned "salad" at the inauguration of the Guédiaway mosque? Satan should be pleased that day by robbing God's men. They are not the same imam, ulem and religious families who were admitted to the Palace of the Republic by the then President Abdoulay Wad on Friday, August 19, 2011, to share 50 million FCFA sweet "Ndogou"?

Where were these so-called God men, when the power they are currently supporting has evolved political and legal violence on Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade to deprive them of freedom of movement and the exercise of civil law? and a basic policy of being in a democratic electoral contest? Have they already denounced a series of arrests that PDS has suffered since 2012? In these religious struggles, "good fight" is fighting, as Saint Paul says?

What no! They chose the wrong one who is always turning his back on a mass of people who do not have the privilege of using presidential liberalism. "Peace is a work of righteousness," says Isaiah the prophet, and it is normal for man to reject this struggle for righteousness that this factual peace is bending us face to face. It turns out that in Senegal we do not want the peace we create, but we do not care about.

It does not matter what devastation, side damage and catastrophic consequences. "Storm Cloud," about which Jean Jaurès speaks of Senegal despite the ostrich politics led by Ismaila Madi Fall and Oumar Yem.
This is the place to greet the abbot Thiaw, who said in the January 25th program, Jarkarlo, that "the Church always favors state by the people." It was always with the Catholic Church. Cardinal Hyacinthe Thiandoum fought against President Leopold Sédar Senghor when he arbitrarily imprisoned President Mamadou Dia.

He was also a central player in the year 2000 when he urged Moustapha Nias to form the AFP party that was atrophied by PS Abdou Diouf. During the vote on the sponsorship law, only Benjamin Ndiaye, the head of the Senegalese Church, questioned such a libertarian initiative when Muslim religious guides approved their cowardly silence.

In 2011, during a demonstration on June 23, only the family guides Léon Niassen and Serigne Abass Sall apparently dared to ask the President to suspend his candidacy, which was the cause of the epidemic of deadly violence. All the other Marabas vainly requested their talibs not to participate in the gathering of civilian and democratic forces that fought the monarchic transfer. But it was not a matter of talibe, but of citizens who were interested in justice and democracy.
Today, all these pseudo-religious guides who deliver the message of peace and form the support of Macky have done so for Abdou Diouf in 2000 and for Abdoulaye Wade in 2012. Their prayers, spells, and meditations are ineffective in the will of changing people.

Serigne Saliou Guèye

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