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Idrissa Seck – Macky Sall: Inevitable duel

An unfortunate candidate for the presidential election in 2007 and 2012, Idrissa Seck, is three times interested in voting. Nobody ever has three, he says. But this third time, the former mayor of Thies wants to differ from the last two.

His first appearance, which looked like the first attempt, moved him to second place after Abdoulay Wade, who overcame all by making the first round. Meanwhile, however, Idrissa Seck has executed acts that have sufficiently discredited him in the eyes of the public. His arrival and departure to Wade hit the minds of many Senegalese who chose to support him even after his imprisonment for the Thies yards.

He is not recovering from this failure, and in the 2012 elections the president of the Thies County Council is more than humiliated by the voters who rank fifth in Wade, Macky Sall, Moustapha Nias and Ousman Tanor Dieng. In the second round, he is obliged to keep his word and accompany his former "employee" in the third government of Wade. Alliance that will not last.

Final battle

Very jealous of his principles, "Ndamal Kadior" breaks his alliance with Macky Salt and returns to the opposition to prepare a battle in 2019. The ultimate man for whom he borrows to be the blue march craftsman who took Abdoulaye Wade to power on March 19, 2000 Despite the failures of some of its lieutenants, Rewmi's party leader is not far from discouragement.

He decided to tear the last card on February 24, Idrissa Seck changed his mind. The man was not a fan of all sorts of communication, but in recent months he has wrapped himself in a silence that intrigues both the competitor and the Senegalese view. Of course, there was the story of Bakky and Makka. Idrissa Seck, however, seems to understand that there is no need to engage the media all the time to get together. On the desperation of the media who long for one of his editions. He learned from his mistakes and now every word he says is counted in order to avoid any slip that would politically bury him.

Khalifa and Karim, two K in the IDY lap?

New-looking Ida, who particularly wants to take the opportunity to be the main challenger to Macky Sallo on four candidates, on February 24 after rejecting the candidacy of Karim Wade and Khalif Salla by the constitutional council. Despite all the noise that is here and there, it is important to realize that IDY2019 is creating an alliance to allow him to save the current president's second round.

Khalifa Sall's conscious political weight, Idrissa Seck, went to Rebeuss on Monday to visit the former mayor of Dakar. At the end of his conversation he promised to return to the most famous Senegalese prisoner's freedom as soon as he came to power. Better, he promised to come and take it. A promise that does not leave indifferent Khalifa Salla and his pimps.

Daily newspaper also tells us he had a phone conversation with Karim Wade. At the moment, nothing has come out of this interview, but it all suggests that the debate revolves around elections and opportunities to work hand in hand to get rid of the Macky Sall regime. Sources believe that Wade is studying a possible alliance with his former trust. Some vaditars have already made a move by supporting Id.

Group 25 has failed to announce that Idrissa Seck is in a position to gain the majority. Thierno Bocoum, who had distanced himself from his former leader, decided to take the cause. Star Sheikh Alassane Sène, named on brown-beige meadows, chose Idrisa Seck. That means the Macky-Ida duel …

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