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Inauguration of an office building: Macky rehabilitates Mamadou Dia •

The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, received a renovated administrative building, now bearing the name of late Mamadou Dia. deceased January 25, 2009 in Dakar, Dia wasPresident of the Council ministers, from 1957 to 1962

"Why did I call the Mamadou Dia Administrative Building"

"I decided to pay tribute to my famous son, in the name of the Senegalese, through the late President of the Council of Ministers, Mamadou Dia, whose renovated administrative building now bears the name." The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, told the reception of this building. By this act he says, "I wanted to worship this great state servant and to enlarge this worthy, self-confident, thrilling, prosperous and supportive Senegal fighter. Mamadou Dia is undoubtedly an example of citizenship, a tireless worker, a model for our youth, public figures and political class a determination of strictness and integrity. "In his view, this administrative building has been embodying the state in its daily work for the benefit of its fellow citizens for nearly 60 years. It was the heart of government action, a laboratory where public service is organized. High place of the Republic, where strategic decisions are taking place, dealing with the life and destiny of the nation. This classified historical heritage has time.

"This building is the cutting edge of our development strategy"

On this occasion, he recalled that the office building experienced advanced degradation, representing civilian security risks for residents and users. "That's why I started renovating the Bamba Ndiaye Group in 2013. It was necessary to renovate this building so that this precious public state would deserve a modern administration that is the foremost part of our strategy of emergence," the president said. According to Macky Sall, this unprecedented project reflects its particular commitment to protecting public goods and preserving national heritage. More than renovating the facade, the building underwent a major renovation aimed at improving the strength of the main building as well as the safety and functionality of the premises in accordance with environmental and social standards. modern. "This green building enables efficient water management, but also thanks to its 546-kW high-capacity photovoltaic system, including an innovative system of centralized and computerized control of all equipment," he explained.

Building in figures

Christian Adovelande, president West African Development Banks (boad), said that this important infrastructure will improve comfort and the working environment, among other things, will reduce the cost of energy. "It was in this respect that the project, which achieved an economic return of 18%, was easily approved by BOAD decision-makers," he said. According to him, the contribution of this financial institution to the financing of this operation amounts to 25 billion FCFA, bringing its commitments in Senegal to 919 billion, all sectors together. In fact, various expansion and modification work has been done to significantly improve the work environment in the building. This is an increase in the number of rooms from 539 to 634 and 9 meeting rooms, 32 waiting rooms, 53 separate toilets, 61 toilets, 23 warehouses, 67 technical rooms, 12 service tracks. Stop adding item 10th floor including a conference room with a capacity of 275 seats, a 70-seat meeting room, two R-1 and 10 restaurantsth floor 286 and 318 seats, with modern kitchen facilities; increasing the number of elevators from 7 to 12 and 2 lifts; redevelopment of ministerial offices on the northern and southern flanks of each level of existing floors (3th v 8th floor) with the addition of an office with an internal WC, a waiting room and the Assistant Secretary General's office and an internal WC for the Cabinet Director of each minister. Covered parking on 2 floors with a total capacity of 174 seats

This is not all because the Office of the Deputy Secretary-General of the Government is planned. There is also a covered parking lot on 2 floors with a total capacity of 174 parking spaces. And six (06) lifts and two (02) lifts were added to the building. This is also the case for sanitary blocks with twenty-two (22) new ones.

Layout at 9th Office of the Second Deputy Secretary-General of the Government, installation of a system of air rehabilitation from two basic processing units in accordance with the normative regulations on health and safety at work; the installation of the GTB (Building Management System), the first in Africa to centralize monitoring and tracking of technical installations on a computer station, is another feature of the building. It also records various slave installations including office lighting, office air conditioning, office blinds, air conditioning units, inverters, outdoor lighting, suppressors, generators, lifts, solar energy systems and fire protection systems.

Also realization of glazing with low emissivity: reduction of thermal permeability; Automatically shutting down the air conditioning when opening doors and / or windows or vacant offices; automatic lamp extinction after 10 minutes (time-configurable with Gtb) if vacant office; daytime running light control and passenger presence; installation of LED lights; a closed circuit of fountains or a water leakage detection system … will reinforce the intelligence of the building. Regarding the updating of fire safety standards, several measures have been taken. In fact, with the implementation of 10th floor the building becomes an IGH building that requires specific fire safety requirements. In the close relationship with the Directorate for Civil Protection, therefore, the appropriate facilities have been implemented which comply with the normative provisions. This is primarily the passive protection of the floors by fireproof plaster; implementation of the smoke acquisition network; restoring and observing the supply of electricity and drinking water; fire detection network installation or RIA (Fire Arm Army) network, wet columns and hydrants.

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