Kanye West sued the employee for unpaid wages

The famous American singer, Kanye West, makes headlines for not paying his employees salaries. Really, husband Kim Kardashian, would forget to fulfill his obligations as an employer in the amount of several thousand dollars. According to legal documents obtained by the American media Explosion, the artist faces justice for a million dollars, for “Unpaid wages, ongoing wages, damages, civil penalties, legal fines and legal fees”.

He hasn’t commented on it yet

According to the media, the complaint pointed this out “The plaintiffs supervised, controlled and managed the production and the injured employees worked on the production for many hours and did not receive payment for their work on time, or did not receive payment at all.”. Note that despite the noise caused by the affair in the press, the main party has not yet commented on the affair. Plus, it’s not the first time Kanye West created captions inside United States for litigation.

$ 20 million

During August, the company sued a billionaire rapper MyChannel Inc. That actually required $ 20 million. The complainant company accused Kanye West for using her technology without paying for it. He also promised investments in the company, which did not arrive in the end.

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