Kolda celebrated the African Youth Day

Kolda, the capital of African youth on Thursday 8 November. Young people from different departments of the region gathered at CEDEPS Kolda to celebrate this day dedicated to African youth.

The most important day that supported UNFPA was the conference held by Professor of History and Geography, Mamada Diedhiou, on demographic dividends.

This has allowed this important part of the African population to recognize the need to handle the birth rate by a good application of family planning, but also to reproductive health in general.

This activity was also a time of sharing the opportunities offered by a region whose exploitation must enable young people to fully play their part in the struggle for the socio-economic development of the country.

The youth inspector, who chaired the ceremony on behalf of the governor of the region, called on young people to work and especially to commit themselves because the state had put in place flexible funding mechanisms to support them.

Following on in his footsteps, Papis Balde, the president of the Regional Youth Council, has a permanent division that young people must be well informed, educated and sufficiently educated to help eradicate the work of developing the continent.

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