Krepin Diatta "after his injury" (agent)

Dakar, November 7 (APS) – Senegal's midfielder Krépín Diatta from Brugge (Belgium), who was wounded Tuesday in the Champions League match against AS Monaco, "is deeply bruised," said agent Thierno Seydi.

"It's very hard for him, but fortunately, it's just a disorder, muscle wound," said international consultant U20, a finalist for CAN 2020, in a telephone conversation with APS.

Krepin Diatta "is even more morally affected that it is his first possession in the Champions League and that this match has fallen after a nice series that has just succeeded with the con club," said a Senegalese agent based in France.

While expecting to know the severity of his injury, a young player is often listed on the A waiting list, he could benefit from the benefits of an international cease-fire at the end of the week to get back to the moral level, I know.

After leaving Norway to Belgium during the winter transfer market in January, a native from the southern part of the country in Bruges started a victory in Belgium in 2018.

"After a good preparation, time began to slip and the last day of the championship was voted + by the man in the match," said Seydi.

FC Brugge won a 4-0 victory against AS Monaco and should be awarded the Europa League in the worst case.

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