Leo Club is committed to equipping and training its staff

Allotted to more than one Freemason organization, members of the Lion Club on Saturday 10 November 2018 issued their silence to illuminate the Senegalese lantern.
"Freemasonry is a philosophical organization, unlike Lion's Club, a charitable organization, a nonprofit charity organization made up of men and women from all walks of life, regardless of religion, race or religion, political or philosophical affiliations, because we were born free people, we have the opportunity to choose our beliefs and put our abilities, our time and our money into the services of the poorest, "said Jean Adédiran, President of this structure. He met with the press this morning at a meeting of the Governing Council, representing 21 countries in Western and Central Africa.

At the Senegal level, he said, "Lions work in several areas of intervention, and especially in education and health." One of the major projects we have at present is the construction of the Burn Center at Fann Hospital Center. et Consignations wants to integrate this project into the PSE This large center will be built, supported by the state to finance infrastructure, and Lions will provide equipment and staff training, and we also have a very concrete project, a coronary center.

Regarding this meeting, which was gathered by the leaders of this organization, Mr. Adédiran specified that these meetings have "a preaching to strike a balance of course". And it is an opportunity to "" explore everything that has happened in the districts concerned. There are currently five. Five governors are here to report activity. We are an organization that is purely volunteer. It was created 101 years ago. Lions at the global level today have 5 priority areas of intervention. The first axis was a long time of blindness. Today, in addition to this pathology, we fight diabetes, for relief from hunger in the world, childhood cancer, but also for the environment, "he said.

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