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Liberal International Meetings Today: Rewmi and Pds Boycott

Rewmi will not attend the Congress of the Liberal International planned in Dakar today and tomorrow. For Idrissy Seck's brothers, this decision is explained by the fact that the regime in place "violates human rights and grasped the event as a trade with his party".

As well as the Senegal Democratic Party (Pds), Rewmi has decided to boycott the Congress of the Liberal International, which will be held today and tomorrow in Dakar. At a press conference yesterday, Idrissy Seck's friends sent the reasons that led to such decisions. "For us, every liberal regime must respect the basic principles of liberalism, including freedom, human rights, the rule of law, and so on, rather than endangering it, as is the case with Senegal with the established regime," says Yancoba Seydi, responsible for the party's external relations. According to him, "forced exile Karim Wade, revision of the electoral register, refusal to share the file, detention of electoral cards, unscrupulous suppression of all demonstrations, etc." are inter alia the violations of human rights underlying this decision.
Despite refusing to attend these meetings, Rewmists still maintain their quality of liberals and claim to be part of this world federation of political parties of liberal obedience. In addition, they participated in all preparatory meetings of this Congress. On October 18, 2018, a letter sent to London was decided not to attend this congress. This is because he thinks that "the observer member, apr, who is not a full member, has seized the event to become his party's affair." Yancoba Seydi, also an English teacher, explains that Macky Sall "is not a liberal, it is a maoist of blood and milk with a hood in a liberal mask." What interests him is not the promotion of liberal values, but rather how to use this forum for sale his investment in Liberal International, but Rewmi does not support Dakar's liberal make-up.

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