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Liverpool: comments, reactions … Summary of the match

PSG - Liverpool: Reviews, comments ... Summary of the match

PSG RESULTS – LIVERPOOL 2018 – Solid and serious Paris (2-1) won against Liverpool on Saturday night. PSG now has the keys to qualifying in the 8th finals. Summary, comments, responses … Match reports.

PSG Summary – Liverpool

PSG was expected at the turn of the most important game in his season, and the Parisians have responded. Even if their performance was not sparkling, this Wednesday evening in the Parc des Princes, it is crucial elsewhere. Thomas Tuchel's players knew that they were being studied in terms of determination, seriousness, even aggression, which was so inadequate to European leaders, and was in this respect quite successful in the evening. It was the first 30 minutes that were most in favor of the PSG, the first half hour rewarded the goal from Juan Bernat, then another Neymar just before the break. Only eight minutes later, Di Maria gave hope to Liverpool by provoking a fine after she sliced ​​Mana in a box.

09:53 – Alves: "We needed such a match"

Daniel Alves, who returned to the Liverpool Champions League last night after being injured for many months, was also happy and relaxed after the match. "The team played very well," PSG said. "We needed such a game, we had to fight, we did everything to continue the process, and I'm very happy because the team has developed very well and has done a very good match but it does not stop.

09:42 – Neymar praised PSG's mind

Also good yesterday in the PSG – Liverpool, Neymar praised the mental qualities of his team, the mixed zone: "This match was a fight. We showed a very strong state of mind and it was We proved we want to continue on the Champions League. Champions League is a pride. I hope my team will continue to score, this is the most important thing.

09:33 – Thiago Silva: "The most important thing is to play as a team"

Brilliant last night at this PSG – Liverpool, Thiago Silva captain of Paris expressed his satisfaction at the microphone of RMC Sport: "The most important thing is to play as a team today, but the atmosphere is always fantastic, but today we are still working! defeating the qualification would have been difficult, we were all happy with the victory, and the way we played was fantastic, we're still not qualified, we have to play in Belgrade, it's not easy, we have to fit our qualifications perfectly. "

09:27 – Nasser Al-Khelaïfi: "The Right Face of PSG"

Reaction of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, President of Paris Saint-Germain, PSG – Liverpool, at RMC Sport Microphone: "I am very happy with this result, we played very well as we wanted. We have made a great response to those who say we are not there. This match was not easy, Liverpool is a great team, they play well and we had a great combination. "

09:15 – Neymar and Thiago Silva, capital performance

The "Dearest Player in the World" justified his status on Wednesday evening during this PSG – Liverpool. Neymar, held just after the physical defect as a playmaker, constantly made a difference in the heart of the game, and beyond his goal, he tried to defend well when necessary, Thiago Silva, his compatriot in defense, was also in profile. Strong, determined and exciting, "O monstro" chain dry cleaning, recovery and physical impact, Liverpool releases oxygen attackers.

09:08 – Tuchel: "Keep this state of mind"

The Paris coach knows that his players were expected at the state of mind. At the end of the match, Thomas Tuchel was satisfied with the plan but hoped it would last. "We have to work every day to keep this state of mind, to work, to be humble, but to create an atmosphere and experience," he said at a conference. Press the button. And add: "The players are dead in the cloakroom and it's a very good thing."

08:58 – Terms to Qualify for PSG

By defeating Liverpool on Wednesday night at the Parc des Princes, the PSG, though moving closer, did not meet the conditions for the elimination stages of the Champions League. To this end, there is still a need to face the red star of Belgrade on December 11th. The Parisians qualify directly if they win. They can also qualify by making a draw or even losing if Naples defeats Liverpool. But if the English beat the Italians and Paris in Belgrade, the PSG will be paid to the Europa League.

08:43 – PSG Player Notes

Paris players are expected to face the PSG and most of the time they are in charge. Notes from the newspaper Equipe feel with the notes quite good. Special features for Neymara (8), the author of a technically excellent match, as well as Thiago Silva (8), are very solid. Kimpembe, Bernat and Verratti, each in his registry, were also authors of very good performances (7). Marquinhos (6), Mbappé (5), and especially Cavani (4), were the tone below. Buffon (5), goalkeeper, did not have much to do, while the field players managed to suppress Liverpool.

08:38 – PSG – Liverpool: this time Paris gave his heart

It was one of the questions before the match: was Paris, as often against the big European teams, lacking the commitment and sense of the team? This question quickly disappeared when the Parisians met in this group who could not be charming in this game. Evidence confirmed by Thomas Tuchel, coach PSG. "We played as a team, with great energy, we worked hard with a great mentality and we won an intense and important match (…) Everyone was willing to suffer for the others," he said in a press conference after the match.

28/11/18 – 23:24 – Paris did the right thing

Prior to this meeting, it was likely that the PSG would be eliminated in the last whistle in the event of a defeat against Liverpool. This means the significance of this shock and pressure that the players of Paris certainly felt before this meeting. Parisians start this match on the right foot and make 20 good first minutes, tactical, technical, but also solidarity and engagement. Bernat concretizes this domination, as in Naples, using the wrong return of the English defense to defeat Alisson with a shot from his right foot (1: 0, 13). After half an hour of play, Reds took over, but they are surprised at the Neyamar, Mbapp, and Cavanim counter. Brazil doubles the bet after Cavani defeated Alisson (2-0, 37th). The scenario is ideal for PSG … up to the mistake of Angel Di Maria, author of crazy tools and uncontrolled Sadio Mané in the corner of Paris. James Milner prays to reduce the gap (2-1, 45th + 2). In the second half, Paris will shortly twist the surface and make it back to keep the result, which the PSG did without even allowing a real clear opportunity. With this important success, PSG is second in Group C ahead of his opponent in the evening, but behind Naples. The last day, when Paris won in Belgrade, Paris will qualify for round 16. If at the same time Naples does not play at Anfield, the Parisians will be the first in this group.


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