Mac Thiès: Ensuring thiantacoune retains bleach •

Still another attempted suicide of the Thièse detention and correction center (Mac). Alioune Diallo, a guide to Sheikh he tried to commit suicide by bleeding. He's under surveillance.

The unrestrained starvation of Cheikha Bethia Thiouna, apprehended at Mac in Thièse as part of the double murder of Médinatoul Salam, becomes a drama. Alioune Diallo attempted suicide yesterday, drinking bleach on Tuesday. He was admitted to the Mac Thies Infirmary, where he was under surveillance until his evacuation. A detainee in the Great Courtyard, room 4, was detained. According to the source Senego contacted, the detainees were briefly alerted and knocked on the door of the room to allow the guards to evacuate their other in distress to the infirmary. Keep in mind that on Tuesday, 27 November, another Thiantacoune arrest warrant, Mamadou Anne, also wanted to end her life. He is currently isolated at the infirmary, refused all care. It will be in critical condition. Attackers hungry try their trial. Since last Monday they have been in hunger strike. In the investigative custody since 2016, Thiantacoun was imprisoned in connection with the double murder of Medinatoul Salam in Mbour for committing a crime, receiving a corpse, a funeral without permission and without reporting a crime. Their guide, Shaykh Béthio Thioune, was given temporary freedom …

File that policy

According to hunger, "this question has become very political." So, when watching the diet for more than a week in June, the 9 Thiantacounes decided to play their last cards. After the company promised the authorities to carry out their process, they agreed to stop its slogan in June. Justice Minister Pr Ismaïl Madior Fall even announced "availability of funds for the Thiantacounes process". But since then, lots of water flowed under the bridge without any trial. Worse yet, these Thiantacounes prisoners have the impression that they "have dropped the Thiantacounes guide, who has never made a detention at Thiès arrest and repair house."

Just recently, Justice Minister Ismaila Madior Fall, who has been opened by trial with Thiantacounes, has recently been notified, with the opening of the Supreme Court in Mbour. "In this case, Thies wanted to recognize this, and the facts were made in Mbour, which depended on Thiesi, while I installed the Tribunal de Grande de Mbour, which will soon begin its criminal chamber, and this case will be triggered," he revealed at the Interpellé TV show the temporary freedom granted to the leader Thiantacounes Serigne Bethio Thioune while his followers are losing in jail, the Justice Minister announced that he has other criteria and is often one of the criteria for determining the level of people's involvement.

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