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Macky Sall: Do not overdo it too!

"Violence is the last haven of incompetence" (Isaac Asimov)

In our view, Macky Sall is / would be in complete denial of reality, very aptly expressed by the aphorism of Emmanuel Kant, "the ownership of power inevitably spoils reason."

Without the risk of refutation, it may be argued that President Macky Sall has refused or withdrawn most of his obligations, a moral pact signed with people. He also attempted, imprisoned and expelled Karim Wade as a judge and blocked Khalifa Salla. Likewise, the Constitutional Council decided to exclude some potential candidates in the presidential elections in February and March 2019. Today it returns by setting up the militia "Fire of Chestnuts." Yet, with all these different events, people always remained passive for fear or of respect for the institutions, or they are waiting silently for a democratic expression in polls (???).

With his constant intimidation and provocation, Macky Sall mistakenly assumed that the political opposition would be made up of selfless nihilists ready to follow him in the field, agitation and brutality to put the republic into institutional instability. Undoubtedly, he gave him the opportunity to "automatically renew" for a new presidential tenure, this analysis proved to be totally wrong.

So all his gestures are futile, people who are determined to accept their destiny are unstoppable, and the turbulence or convulsions that preceded the departure of Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire) or Zine el-Abidin Ben Ali (Tunisia) confirm our statement. However, unlike the peoples of these two countries, which are cited as examples, Senegal seems determined to take a soft path – that pacifism, which will be expressed by votes in February and March of this year.

Without taking part in the appreciation or speculative analysis of President Macky Salla's behavior, we can, of course, agree with him, a degree of danger, that he has approved such an organization. Because almost mechanically, militia are synonymous with violence, "fire chestnuts" are created for the purpose of (implicit or explicit) terror. Besides, Mame Mbaye Niang did not admit to picking up her big arms. However, it should be remembered that violence or terror is the "consequence" of invalidity or incompetence, and these "binomial" concepts, such as violence and invalidity, are often consuming.

Republicans, Democrats and, moreover, legitimate, we do not want and do not look for the chaos of the republic. Sure, Macky Sall is the first representative of the nation both inside and outside, but it is by no means a republic. However, we want his departure to be done smoothly, without the slightest grudge, otherwise there would be a danger of collapse of the foundations of the republic. What does not suit anyone, because the reconstruction of democracy and the rule of law are very complicated. Examples of Libya, Iraq, and Syria should inspire us to think very deeply about how to fight the Macs Salal or how to fight it.

However, it is useless to say that we have to deal with his provocation without a reasonable response. That is why we campaign and advocate a democratic uprising in polls, and an opportunity is given to citizens to express their peace on 24 February 2019. In democracy, "violence" must be expressed in polls. And such is the case, a score that does not doubt or is not the subject of any serious dispute, a candidate, even a leaving president. We think it would be a violent score without a call, materializing with, for example, the difference of votes that is very consistent, meaning it will remain for him that his square is adherents.

With the creation of "fiery chestnuts," Macky Sall attempts to terrorize people, not to forsake power, and his militia is one of the elements to achieve or achieve. Often, the last barrams are always the most dangerous to keep power, especially when they quietly, most of the residents have decided to take back their fate.

So we admit that the comparison is not right, but there is a reason for it. Does that mean the fall of Nicolae Ceau? Escu (with Securitate), or Jean-Claude Duvalier, said: "Baby Doc" (with his Tontons Macoute) are all examples to consider, underestimate the possibilities of acting or leprosy, the "chestnuts of fire". Militia remain militias and must be taken in the most harmful sense, its constitution in a civilized society, endowed with, among other things, by the police and / or organized armies (armies), by no means our approval.

In which country we are, with a very official militia ("fire chestnuts") set up for the benefit or service of the ruling party (APR). But, above all, the anointing of the President of the Republic (Macky Sall), which seeks to legitimize. Even if the mission assigned to him was "peaceful", his creations are nevertheless condemned, even illegal. And what if the political opposition followed, the followers of Macky Sallo, by creating militia.

Finally, do not be so naive, believe, or even think that this group of "big arms" is simply scared and endured. The historiography of similar groups in the world shows that very often these people are ready to fulfill the mission for which they were hired and trained to make terror. We desperately want to cheat that the show of power of the show, the "chestnut fire" militia, is only meant to intimidate political opposition.

Finally, like Jean-Paul Sartre, we say that "violence is not a means of ending, but a deliberate choice to end in any way".


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