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Mercato: Neymar decides between Barça and Real Madrid

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Brazilian striker PSG Neymar (26) is still popular in Europe. Besides FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid has not yet been the last word.

He said all the good he thought about Neymar, Pep Segura, once again started a possible transfer of a Brazilian player to FC Barcelona in the transmission window. If the Catalan Club is still far from achieving its goal, what does the PSG attacker think about this public and unexpected recovery?

Spanish diary Mark he thinks he knows the answer. According to our Iberian confreres, Neymar is very happy to hear such a positive message from FC Barcelona, ​​which he still considers to be his real home. Far from Real Madrid, he knows very well about his services in the transmission window.

"Knowing that Real Madrid could also revive in time, through his father and counselor, Neymar would also be sensitive to this interest, but he preferred Barcea nowadays"says the Madrid newspaper. There is no doubt that this story should also be conditioned by the financial terrain where the Brazilian blockbuster PSG also knows how to talk about their talent.


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