Nsia Bank seized property of the institution in the Aps premises

house of printing
house of printing

Together with the bailiff and bankers, Diamond Bank became Nsia Bank yesterday, on Thursday 8th November, rushed to the Senegalese press agency premises to confiscate the assets of the institution. Reason?

According to the report of the Rfm, which reports, the bank claims Aps debt of 30 million francs. Asked by Rfm, Aps Director, Thierno Birahim Fall, acknowledges the existence of debt. "This is the $ 80 million debt that arose before I became the director of Aps.

Since I was appointed, I have been able to pay 50 million and an overdraft facility of 30 million, "he said, while saying that the 250 million received from the state of Senegal is not intended to pay debts, but cautions the bank that public service resources are unrealizable. Birahim Fall informs him that he seized the commander of the gendarmerie commander (S Rewmi)

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