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Obama produces for Netflix an adaptation of the book on Trump

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New York (AFP)

Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are producing an adapted series of Michael Lewis critical book for Netflix on Donald Trump's rise to power, "Fifth Risk".

The video-on-demand platform announced in May 2018 that it has reached an agreement with Obama's married couple, which produces films, series and documents exclusively for Netflix.

The US group introduced Tuesday's Higher Ground Productions, a manufacturing company created by Obama as part of this collaboration.

Among them is the adaptation of the "Fifth Risk: Unleashing Democracy", in a "non-fiction" form, Netflix said in a statement.

The series "will focus on presenting the importance of the shadow work done by everyday heroes who drive our administration and protect our nation," he said.

The book by Michael Lewis, whose several works have been adapted to the film as "The Big Short: The Break of the Century" and "Strategist", well evokes the functioning of the US state's major rounds, but also offers a very criticism of Donald Trump and his team.

It features an elected president who has nothing prepared for his coming to business and is slightly interested in notes, briefings and communications by government officials upgrades.

He also reminds many controversial decisions, according to him, Donald Trump to compose his administration, a former real estate developer does not hesitate to place people in the technical positions without experience in the field.

The Higher Ground also created the New York Times "overlook", a newspaper initiative that publishes obituaries of celebrities whose deaths were not mentioned at the time, mainly because they were women or blacks.

Another milestone in the production company project, led by two women – Pepa Swaminathan and Toni Davis – a feature film about Frederick Douglass, became a former black slave one of the symbolic figures of abolitionism.

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