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Peace at Casamance: Salif Sadio Equation •

Salif Sadio, one of the rebel leaders who called for this Saturday meeting in Koudjoughor (Bignon), failed. He preferred to send two of his lieutenants, Ousmane Diémé and Captain Sagna, to repeat the speech they all knew: He wants Casamance independence, he won't give up.

Worse, he declared war by announcing the resumption of hostilities. And worse, he attacked the peace actor. The Casamance Peace Reflection Group (GPRC), headed by Robert Sagna, has taken over her position. They engulfed their approach.

In short, this is the status quo ante. At least in terms of a declaration of intent.

Salif Sadio has shown that he is still here and that the process has not changed much.

One asks why he initiated such a meeting and gave the impression that he would move in person and start negotiations that were very dreamy?

Was he hit by something or someone? Did he get any information to change his mind?

In fact, it is not. Salif Sadio played well with everyone. He used a communication strategy that paid off. What's happening? By initiating this meeting, announcing his presence, knowing that the whole world will follow this event that has been widely published. Finally, he used the announcement effect to make his war speech and get his message across. In fact, it was just a machination done with the intent of carrying a strong communication shot and focusing on it. A bingo!

Of course, Robert Sagna did not expect the reaction. At the RFM level, he insisted that Salif Sadio had not forgotten his notes and that he remained in the course to work on finding lasting peace in the area. ,

Even better, it clearly showed that "there is no new element". And it is not bad because the leader of the insurgents of the so-called Northern Front has done just a grand media operation.

It all indicates that we are at the starting point of the peace process and the situation in the field. But it is not so. Many things have changed. If Salif is alive, he lost his base in The Gambia because the Yahya Jammeh was sacked and replaced by Adam Barrow on which no independence could count.

Even better, we are not sure that the majority of Casamance residents are receptive to these independent ideas in the region where the true development effort has been made.

In fact, the population is largely tired of the conflict and want to resume their normal activities in their villages and areas.

The proof of the killing of Boff-Bayotte was too many falls in these attacks against civilians whose only damage is to live normally.

In addition to these, there are other technical and military ones to reinforce military intervention capacities, strengthen intelligence and material.

We must also not forget the joint effort of peace, led by Robert Sagna and other good will of this site, such as women, young people, etc.

All these efforts and efforts of the state in combination with the sub-regional context favored the calm state observed for many months.

It is true that Salif Sadio is a true equation in this quest for peace in Casamance, but its operational and harassment capacities have diminished, even if they are not zero. Obviously, it can perform sporadic and sporadic actions, but it does not support the name-offensive.

Obviously, the wind is turning to peace, and those who do not understand it are in fact just nostalgia of the past.

We are not sure whether people in this region are still ready to maintain a conflict that is over 30 years old and only caused death and destruction.

If Salif can continue to be responsible, he must answer before the story.

Assane Samb

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