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Peanut Exports: Oiler wants to include oilcakes in protocol with China

XALIMANEWS: West African Oil (WAO), Joseph Ndong, calls on the state to include a peanut cake, expressed by oil companies, in the list of peanut products whose export is governed by a protocol binding Senegal to China.

"The protocol is intended solely for seeds, while some of our Chinese partners demand oils," he said on Wednesday during a Regional Development Committee (CRD) on the balance of the past agricultural campaign. and the prospects of another.

The Protocol signed in 2015 between the two countries sets the conditions for the export of peanuts to China, a document requiring the quality of seed subject to export.

According to Mr. Ndong, "oil companies face difficulties in facing" competition in this area and say that "only a certain subsidy could help avoid and allow Senegalese to consume peanut oil".

He explains that when entering and exporting "peanut seed is not taxed in China, it is subject to 15% tax on oil." This is unfavorable for our companies, which will not get anything in the long run.

It therefore calls on the state to introduce "incentive policies by encouraging more industrialists to sell them locally produced peanut oil and to benefit Senegalese people instead of favoring seed exports".

A look defeated by Habib Thiam of the Peanut Seed Producers and Exporters Group, surprised that "we want to push the state to subsidize foreign consumers".

Instead, it encourages growers to look for ways to evaluate peanuts by setting up processing units in villages.

"So it will increase production and allow Senegalese to consume this peanut oil," said Habib Thiam.

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