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People: Brigitte Bardot, Polnareff and Kaaris with "yellow vests" – World

Former actress Brigitte Bardot, singer Michel Polnareff and rapper Kaaris, among several other celebrities, have been providing "yellow jackets" in recent days.

On Wednesday afternoon, Brigitte Bardot posted a photo on her Twitter account, in which she wore a yellow vest with both thumbs up, beside her white Renault 4L car parked at the entrance of La Madrague's house in Saint-Tropez.

"With you!", The President of the Foundation for Animal Protection, which bears his name, is listed in the title. Near the vehicle one of his dogs – Griffon "E.T" – also wears a yellow vest.

"I support yellow vests," said Michel Polnareff during an interview in Paris. "I am very respectful of their cause, I am sad and frustrated," added the singer who released the first album on Friday for almost 30 years.

Rapper Kaaris, sentenced to 18 months in prison and a 50,000-euro fine after his fight in Orly with his rival Boob, also supported this movement on his Instagram account, featuring wearing a yellow vest.

"We've got to find something, I'm talking to friends," said actor and comedian Franck Dubosc on Tuesday.

RTL singer Pierre Perret also said he was next to the "yellow vest" as well as comedian Arnaud Ducret on Facebook.

TV comedian and host Patrick Sebastien denounced CNews as "splitting" between elites and the most disadvantaged because they believed that "yellow vests" were not taken into account.

A couple of rappers Toulouse Biglfo & Oli said in a video that they were blocked Saturday with "yellow vests" and were forced to agree to protest with the protesters as they joined the Amnéville concert theater in Moselle.

"It's okay to let us go, in exchange for a selfie. We'll do it all at once for the concert," Bigflo explained in a video posted on Twitter. Without providing direct support, Cyril Hanoun awarded him a great "yellow vest" in his show "Touch not my job" at the C8. (AFP / NXP)

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