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"probable" leftovers on the French beach

While Emiliana Saly's family re-launched private tours to find a plane carrying an Argentine striker who had been missing since last Monday, British investigators announced on Wednesday that they had found some debris on the plane.

Pillows found on Monday 28 January

On 28 January morning, Monday morning, the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) reported that part of the seat cushion was found on the beach in Surtainville (Manche) on the Cotentin Peninsula, the AAIB statement that led the research last week, and the second pillow was found in the same area later in the day and we found out from a preliminary examination that it is likely that the pillows come from the missing aircraft. "

Underwater research began this weekend

Investigators said they would run underwater scouts to find aircraft remains in collaboration with families. "Given the weather and the sea, we are currently expecting sea bottom research to be launched at the end of the weekend and will last up to three days," AAIB says. will be used to try to find a wreck on the seabed. If a wreck is found, the remote-controlled vehicle (ROV) will be used to visualize the wreck. "

The investigation was launched in Cherbourg

"We are aware of the fact that private research is being carried out and that we are closely interconnected with stakeholders to maximize the chances of finding debris and securing search security."

"Our mandate is to conduct a safety investigation to find out the cause of the accidents, not to accept a mistake or liability."

"Since we launched our security investigation on Tuesday, January 23rd, we gathered evidence, such as flight, aircraft and personnel records, and analyzed radar data and tape recordings, the AAIB Council also stated in its preamble:" We work closely with other international bodies and informed about our family family advances.

According to Le Point, the prosecution in Cherbourg launched an investigation, which was entrusted to the naval gendarmerie to find out where the accident occurred (and especially if it happened in the French territorial waters).

Nantes gives him tribute on Wednesday

This report comes on the day that FC Nantes, his former club, will play his first match from the moment when his former assailant's plane disappears. The Saint-Etienne Reception, which takes place in La Beaujoire (21h, Day 22 of League 1), will of course be accused of emotion. Many reminders are planned for this occasion.

The plane carrying the player and pilot Dave Ibbotson, Piper Malibu, flew from Nantes on Monday, January 23, in the direction of Cardiff, where the player has just committed. It disappeared from a radar from the Anglo-Norman island of Guernsey around 21:15.

After three days of intensive search, the authorities decided to stop, which caused huge support for popular support among footballers. The cat was set to allow a revival of research. It reached a threshold of 300,000 euros.

On Tuesday, Cardiff City, the club he made with him paid him a tribute during a match in the Arsenal field (2-1). His name, for example, was written on a match program next to a flower. Last weekend was not submitted at the request of the family before the 22nd day of League 1. But many supporters of opposing teams showed their support unanimously to the Argentine striker.

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