Restoring the Joint Commission after 31 years of pause

The Joint Commission between the Republic of Senegal and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) ended a 30-year break. She renewed her rights, which took place on Thursday 8 November 2018 in Dakar under the presidency of the foreign ministers of the two countries. The meeting is based on the desire to renew the conditions of partnership between our two states, Presidents Denis Sassou Nguesso and Macky Sall. "This meeting also reflects our common desire to strengthen the new dimension," said Jean-Claude Gakosso, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Co-operation and Congolese Foreign Affairs, who reminded that this 4th color session more than 30 years after the previous edition.

"More than ever, the public sector should present, and the current meeting is also an opportunity to strengthen our relations." As for this long break, he said, "It is our fault, we did not have the time, our Heads of State ceased to come and the Congates continued to come to Senegal, the Senegals did not stop in Brazzaville, but they did not create this opportunity to organize a joint commission, but do not worry that we are here, and soon my Sidiki Kaba counterpart arrives in Brazzaville,

As for this break, Sidiki Kaba, the head of the Senegalese diplomacy, told me. "Sometimes the governments meet without thinking about continually updating the framework of their cooperation The framework of this cooperation exists and we will examine it in the light of the relevant economic and social development of our states to adapt them to the current situation and to ensure that the joint committees most often meet and certify the reality of cooperation that must be mentioned as an example … "

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