Rwanda ranked fifth in the world in terms of promoting renewable energy

Rwanda jumped 11 jobs last year, according to the BNEF study, presented in co-operation with the African Green Growth Forum on November 26-30 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Among the factors that contributed to this good performance were the off-grid (off-grid) growth of the internal market.

"In 2017, more than 185,000 solar home systems and almost 300,000 solar lamps were delivered across the country," the report writes, and notes that the Rwanda Energy Group, a national power company, has been cooperating closely with setting up demarcation zones, specifically for off-grid .

"Mobilization, which is within the scope of government ambitions to electrify 48% of people off-grid by 2024," says the study.

In the last 7 years, the national electrification rate has increased fourfold from 10% in 2010 to 40% in 2017. The country wants universal access to energy by 2024.

In addition, the Climatescope report reveals that emerging countries are the leaders in a global transition to clean energy, saying that in 2017 developing countries installed a new generation capacity of 114 GW (gigawatty) of "zero carbon", almost double the developed countries Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (63 GW).

Top 10 rankings in 2018 include Chile, India, Jordan, Brazil, Rwanda, Philippines, China, Mexico, Peru and Thailand.

The Climatescope report is an interactive study that assesses investment conditions and opportunities for renewable energy as well as climate-related investments around the world.

The study provides an overview of the clean energy economy, including public policies and funding strategies. The study profiles about 100 countries around the world and evaluates their ability to attract capital for low carbon energy sources.

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