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Saint-Etienne: Draw and lively hands, summary of the match

Nantes - Saint-Etienne: Draw and lively hands, summary of the match

RESULTS OF NANTES – SAINT-ETIENNE – In a very strange game that was awarded with the honor of the entire nation by Emiliano Sala, Nantes and Stéphanois are separated in a draw. If the Greens led the score, Nantes managed "Emi" to return to the score. Summary of the Match and Response.

23:40 – summary of the agreement

The evening was strange in Nantes, but also in homes, bars … where all the football lovers gathered to watch the live Nantais battles for this warrior, Emiliano Sala. A tribute, though sober at the request of the family, was very moving and authentic. Tifos, songs and the ninth minute of applause of the whole people. There was no real show with a technical blade on the pitch. The match was successful when the referee decided to release the two red spots for M & V and Fabio for insults … 0-0 in the half was logical, although Nantes offered himself the best opportunity to whine Coulibala. While Nantais pushed, Remy Cabella opened a scoring for Green after a nice move with Khazri. Reverend, the former Marseilles did not notice a goal. In order to make the hold even more beautiful, he missed a goal for Nantes and the other hit after several minutes after the large collective movement between Rongiere and Coulibaly, which ended Waris in the penalty spot. The end of the match offered nothing interesting except singing, again and again supporters of FC Nantes for Emilian Sala. With this draw, Saint-Etienne is fourth in three lengths of Lyon, third, while Nantes is the fourteenth.

23:35 – Video: Bamma reaction

Yacine Bammou was a close friend of Emilian Sala. The second one was very moved during the poem, its reaction to the channel microphone.

23:15 – Rodier: "This match was just for him"

Valentin Rongier was very happy with the Canal microphone after this draw and honors: "It was very hard not to play this game, we wanted to give it this gift, we fought like dogs because it was in the field, we played with our weapons, . "

23:12 – Cabella: "Very hard to play"

Cabelly's reaction after the game: "It's very difficult to play in such a sad atmosphere, it was more important than football in the evenings, big support for family and friends, it was normal that we would not celebrate a goal in the heads, it's hard, but it's not important , now we have to listen to the fans. "

23:10 – Honor Tour

FC Nantes players make an honorary round. Emilian Saly's last hold. It's all the people who communicate together.

23:06 – The fans are singing

From the last moment, fans sing together Emilian Sala. The result is unofficial

23:04 – The end of the game! Draw 1-1

It ended with Beaujoire in this draw between Nantes and Saint-Etienne, marked by emotions.

23:03 – Nordin's attempt

Nordin tries to score with his hubbub of the right wing, but his attempt is outwitted and the ball goes wide. Two minutes left

23:01 – whistles

A free kick leaves nothing to Nantes because the judges whistle from Nantes. Now we are in the extension, there are four

22:59 – Good free kick for Nantes

Valentin Rongier will have the chance to take the ball around his left and slashed the ball into the opponent's box. It can be a ball!

22:58 – Moutoussamy

Nantes brings dynamics to this goal of the game, even though it's reported offside.

22:55 – Five minutes!

Beaujoire will not have many changes and bugs for several minutes to pollute the end of the game.

22:53 – Salibur returns

New change to this encounter with the introduction of Saliburu instead of Diony. We are looking for freshness on the Green side.

22:52 – Coulibals is yellow

Another hard card for Nantes with this yellow for Coulibaly after a small mistake on Monnet-Paquet

22:51 – Change in Nantes

A new change, but this time for Nantes with the release of Boschilia and the return of Moutoussamy

22:48 – Opportunity for the Greens

Khazri's players now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. After the home side of the game period, Dupé just scored. The other one gives nothing

22:46 – Hamouma goes out

Transparent, Romain Hamoum did not count at the meeting and left his place in Nordin

22:45 – Another quarter of an hour

Fifteen minutes of madness for the people of Nantes who want this victory for Emiliano Sala. Saint-Etienne falls back into the middle and does not offer much to get out of this pressure

22:44 – Community with supporters

Of course, Emiliano Sala and all the people of Nantes celebrated this goal. An incredible moment the Argentinean would certainly appreciate

22:41 – ⚽ GOAL! Waris equalizes!

Excellent goal Warise for FC Nantes. The magnificent countertop with an incredible accelerator Coulibala against Subotic, who perfectly focuses on touching Waris, which fits to offset the penalty box.

22:38 – Waris resolved!

Instant reaction Nantais with this Waris shot suppressed Kolodziejczak. The horse is not giving a substitution again. Stéphane Ruffier is sending a penalty kick

22:37 – Transitional from Monnet-Pack

What strike for Kevin Monnet-Paquet! The player takes the first kick at 25 meters and finds the cross. We were not far from the break.

22:35 – Good defense of the Greens

Nantes sends and gets in the corner thanks to his captain Valentino Rongier, but as in the first half, he takes over the defense of the Greens in these stages of the game.

22:33 – Krhin goes to Nantes

Things need to change for the people of Nantes and Krhin is leaving space for Kwateng

22:31 – Cabella did not meet the target

Take note of the Cabelly class gesture that has not met your goal of respect. Nice tribute, even if it's terrible for Nantes if Greene wins tonight


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