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Saint-Etienne: Nantes plays at Sala, live match

Nantes - Saint-Étienne: Nantes plays at Sala, live match

MATCH NANTES – SAINT-ETIENNE – Scores, results, score … Live match between Nantes and Saint-Etienne. The encounter is clearly marked by the fan of his former assailant Emiliano Sala

21:57 – ⏰ MI – TIME! 0-0 in this Nantes – Saint-Etienne

The half whistled on two reds, very surprising. According to the Canal report, players are offended …

21:55 – red for M & V and Fabio

Incredibly! Both players have just received a red card from the referee when there was not much. Very surprising as a reaction

21:52 – Yellow for Diego Carlosa

It seems like Diego Carlos receives a yellow card after foul on Khazri

21:51 – Three minutes of the next time

In this first half, three minutes remain. If we could expect a tough match on the coast of Nantes, it's more on the Green side or the game is complicated.

21:48 – Prosecuting the land of Silva

A small offensive for the Greens with this shot from Silva in the goal line of FC Nantes. But the ball is completely suppressed by the defense, and Dupé quietly catches the skin

21:45 – Five minutes left in this first act

We arrive at the halftime and this Nantes – Saint-Etienne does not offer us real opportunities. Saint-Etienne is unrecognizable for now and can not create any offensive

21:42 – Touré is next to him

Toure, at the entrance to the surface, checks and then proceeds with the volley, but his attempt is omitted

21:40 – Saint-Etienne has trouble

Greens can not do much at this meeting. Balloons will not find Cabella or Khazri or Diony. Nantes has a good first period despite the context.

21:38 – Slaha for Sala

Fee for Emiliano Sala in the ninth minute of this Nantes – Saint-Etienne game.

21:37 – The Monnet package is yellow

Waris gives a nice acceleration, but Monnet-Pack stops him illegally in full race. Logical yellow and good free kick 35 meters to the left.

21:35 – New stop of the game

The player stays on the ground again, and this time Khazri complains of a hit on his head. The game resumes after a few seconds

21:33 – Great opportunity for Nantes

Nice action from FC Nantes with a large cross from Traoré from left to right. This center perfectly finds the head of Coulibala, which has a slightly too strong head while Ruffier was defeated.

21:31 – Meeting interrupted by songs for Sala

Fans generally call up until the last afternoon. The goal and the stadium could become a real volcano.

21:29 – Saint-Etienne postpones

The Greens put their legs on the ball and tried to stand quietly. This is especially a way to slow the atmosphere of Nantes from a few minutes. We are at 23 minutes and we still have 0-0 between Nantes – Saint – Etienne.

21:27 – Waris strike

The first real opportunity for Nantes with a shot from Waris when entering the penalty area. The other is wrapped, but also against. Nothing gives a corner to the people of Nantes

21:26 – Many mistakes

The beginning of the match is marked by many mistakes, especially from Saint-Etienne. Nantes dominated a few minutes, and a camp in the middle of Greens

21:24 – Nantes is pushing

Nantes tries to combine on the edge of the box and after a great balloon Rongier behind Fabio, Saint-Etienne defending corner but does not provide anything and Ruffier can clean up his team

21:22 – Free kick does not give anything

Boschilia runs freely, but his left leg attempt is totally absent. The atmosphere is very heavy, it is difficult to place the rhythm for a moment

21:20 – Good free kick for Nantes

Warri's Nantes's counterattacks created a good chance for the visitors' left side.

21:17 – Coach Nantes exploded into tears

Vahid Halilhodžić cracks completely on the sides facing the tribute. This match Nantes – Saint-Etienne seems sad, but he has just taken over.

21:15 – Ninth Minute

This is the ninth minute in this Nantes – Saint-Etienne and the referee stops the game and gives away to Argentine. The great moment of emotions in Beaujoire with the applause of the whole stadium

21:13 – Re-entry cage

Great opportunity for Saint-Etienne with Khazri's return corner, which almost defeated goalkeeper FC Nantes. Always 0-0 after seven minutes, we are approaching the honor of Sala.

21:11 Nantes retreats

After the start of the game in favor of the Greens, Nantes has little control over the match by placing it in the Saint-Etienne camp.

21:09 – Smoke in the stands

Fans of Nantes give emiliano Sala a homage and smoke many times, and the League should once close their eyes. The match began and Saint-Etienne got a corner that did nothing.

21:07 – KICK OFF! Let's go to Nantes – Saint-Etienne

The round is given by Saint-Etienne under the song of the fans. A tribute will take place in nine minutes.


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