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Saudi Arabia: The arrival of Mariah Carey for the concert is controversial


POLÉMIQUE – American diva Mariah Carey will perform in Saudi Arabia on Thursday 31st January and her break in the Wahabbite kingdom between superstar fans, religious fundamentalists and women's rights advocates. If for some, this concert symbolizes an open country led by Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, for others it is quite different.

In the last days, the canvas will be lit before Mariah Carey arrives for the first performance in Saudi Arabia at an international golf tournament held by the royal family in the economic city of King Abdullah. It will be the first time an American artist will perform in the kingdom. Known for its crystalline voice and unique timbare that can cover five octaves, the diva is also known for its outfitted outfits and productions, where she admired her and wore an army of dancers.

It is not enough to please religious, for which this concert is contrary to the rules of Islam and contrary to the religious values ​​of the country. On Twitter, many people called for the censorship of this indecent concert in the country of two saints and sacred mosques.

"How are oulemases?#Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world is silent in the face of an invitation issued #MBS does this singer come out in the administrative borders of Mecca? If my publication is a sin, what decision do you invite him to sing in the land of two saintly mosques? "Tweeted Tunisian Professor of the Islamist Movement.

"It is now happening in Saudi Arabia, the land of the Prophet Muhammad." Mariah Carey performs near the holy city of Mecca, what does MBS do in Saudi Arabia?

"Mariah Carey is an obscene woman and her arrival at the invitation of the man who leads us in a situation where we prefer to internationalize the holy site rather than keep these two holy mosques for those who respect religion and divine laws" we can still read on Twitter.

Activists are rising to the valley

Introducing a singer in a closed and conservative country seems to be a real sign of progress and openness, but feminists, activists and women's rights advocates do not hear that.

Still on the Bluebird social network, many women called for a boycott of the concert and even began to petition to catch the diva's attention and asked her not to play in the Saudi kingdom. Reason? The paradoxes between the progressive reforms demanded by the Crown Prince MBS and the reality experienced by many Saudi women in the country. If the Prince urges western personalities to give a positive image of their country, its government continues to detain women's rights activists and imprison many Saudi women to maintain, among other things, the system of men's guardians …

It was first a group of women from CodePink, who asked Mariah Carey to cancel her concert. "Does not he know that Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive and deadly regimes on the planet?" Reads their statement.

"As a young Saudi woman, I listened to Mariah Carey's music to feel powerfully, to hear it happen in Saudi Arabia while women are being held in jail, I am disgusting, especially my lack of empathy and reflection, I was hoping for more than a strong artist. "

"Dear Mariah Carey, I have heard that you are going to produce in Saudi Arabia. Do you know that women's rights activists have been detained without charge and tortured under the command of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman since May 2018?" Tweeted Egyptian activist Mona Eltahawy.

"Dear Mariah Carey, we have heard that you will soon be producing in Saudi Arabia, please use your voice to spread the report on women's rights and the activists' struggle, as you say so well:" Look at you and be strong, and finally you will see the truth that the hero lives in you, "said Amnesty International in connection with the global singer's name, hero,

Meanwhile, after 24 hours of the concert, the singer and her team still did not react to the discussion.

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