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Scandal at the Elementary School of Dimbéré

In December 2018, Libération revealed that Professor of Life and Earth Sciences in Cem de Gniby (Kaffrine) was arrested by the gendarmerie for exploiting a small student. The teacher, who was formally involved, was admitted to the care regime during her interrogation.
The case has fallen badly when he arrived at a time when in an inconclusive Human Rights Watch NGO report he revealed cases of rape in Senegalese schools with teachers. The report was strongly questioned by the Teachers' Associations but also by the Ministry of Education, which promised that non-governmental organizations wanted to teach sexual education in Senegalese schools through this document.
Two months later there is another, more serious case, recorded in the same area of ​​Kaffrine. This time, facts were made at the Dimbéré Primary School in Mabo.
According to our information, A.B.Nd did not find anything better than abuse, several times S.S.D, his pupil in the Cm1 class, only 14 years old. The story would never have been heard if the student was not pregnant and, at the request of her parents, she appointed a teacher who was taken to the Birkilane Gendarmerie Brigade. It is very sad that even A.B.Nd fully confirmed the facts by trying to ask … consent. Tragic!

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