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Solidarity and Microfinance: an additional 8 billion to support young people and women

The Ministry's budget for the digital economy grew by 8 billion 604 million 155 thousand 192 CFA francs, or 300.34%.

Minister of Solidarity and Microfinance, Aminata Angelique Manga, appeared yesterday before MPs. In the wake of the fire, the Authority was mainly questioned about the management of funding programs such as the Private Sector Support Platform and the Diaspora Support (Plasepri). MP Mor Kane suggested to the Minister that the Diaspora Members should be included in this project so that migrants from countries other than Italy could benefit from a return.
Responding to this investigation, Aminata Angélique Manga said that Plasepri is a state project in cooperation with Italy. According to her, the state intends to further support diaspora projects. The latter is a priority goal. "Last year, we spent two billion dollars on Senegal living abroad, we are open and we are waiting for submissions, we work with banks and decentralized financial services." As for recovery, he admits that "some refuse to pay for the acquisition." terminate, plans to work more closely with financial institutions on "greater security".
During the committee meetings, MEPs expressed the wish that the ministry would be responsible for funding the Delegation for Fast Entrepreneurship (Der). Aminata Angelique Manga believes that there is no rival with Dere. "We work in perfect harmony, Der is the only stop, we are getting funding and paying money to support young people and women in particular," she said.
When implementing its budget for 2019, it plans to focus on financial inclusion. "Through the Sfd, we will accompany and oversee the applicants, with a promise of $ 47 billion in funding, and the first payout will be made by 1 January at the latest."
In areas such as fisheries, agriculture and the processing of fishery and forestry products, the Minister reveals funds estimated between $ 5 million and $ 500 million, which can be earmarked to support young people and women without "political color".
The draft budget of the Ministry of Solidarity and Microfinance has been set at 11 billion 468 million 948 thousand 312 CFA francs compared to 2 billion 864 million 793 thousand 120 CFA francs in 2018 representing an increase of 8 billion 604 million 155 thousand 194 CFA francs in absolute value and relative value of 300.34%.

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