The leading case of Africa: Civil society streets in lashes

Ferloo – Civil society, dissatisfied with the LEAD Africa case, made a statement on "measures to reduce civilian space and harass freedom of citizens and human rights organizations by the government Senegal ".

It recalled that on Friday, November 16, 2018, the NGO Lead Afrique Francophone received notification of the decision of the Minister of the Interior dated 5 November 2017, which annulled a decree authorizing the formation of an association, thus ending the authorization granted to the association and ordering its immediate termination territory of the state.

Earlier, the leaders of the association were summoned to interview on Tuesday, November 13th, from 15:00 to 20:00 at the central police station along with three other non-governmental organizations (ENDA TM, OXFAM, OSIWA) in the context of an investigation initiated on the alleged unjustified funding in favor of Y is unnecessary.

Civil society organizations gathered as part of a spontaneous initiative "condemned this act of the Minister of the Interior and demanded the immediate abolition of this regulation. They express their solidarity with the associations Y EN A MARRE and ENDA LEAD AFRIQUE FRANCOPHONE, which are subject to unfair persecution by the Interior Ministry.

In addition to this serious and unacceptable conduct in the rule of law, it is worth noting repeated attempts by a public authority for a period of time to limit the public space of citizens and civil society organizations through threats and intimidation that can not prosper in our democracy that enshrines individual and collective freedoms civic participation in its basic charter and most of the legal texts organizing the Republic of Senegal.

Recalling the decision by the Senegalese Government to condemn the Senegalese government's binding siege in 2011, "we believe that the election period is a moment of tension and the implementation of strategies to restrict social forces, but which operate only in the public interest through actions aimed at economic and social the progress of the citizens and the strengthening of our democracy ".

We share the common values ​​of democracy, the protection of human rights and individual and collective freedoms, participation in public action by citizens, our organizations renew their strong commitment to these principles and promise to defend them at national and international level,

Hammer: "We remind the Senegalese government of strict respect for the principles enshrined in the Constitution, the country's basic laws, as well as the various international obligations of the Senegalese State, which must result in the cancellation of the order relating to LEAD AFRIQUE FRANCOPHONE and respect for its rights; stopping intimidation against other organizations.
The college set up in this respect to protect and safeguard the rights of citizens, associations and NGOs in Senegal is very soon informed of an action plan that will follow this statement, which calls on the Senegalese government. "

Done on November 17, 2018, in Dakar

– Collective civil society organizations for elections (Cosce);
– Amnesty International Senegal
– the Senegalese Social Forum;
– LEGS Africa
Article 19 of Senegal / West Africa
– Cos M23
– Alioune TINE
– Head of Senegal
– Union of Independent States of Senegal

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