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to the Princess Astrid de Belgique à Berrechid for the inauguration of a photovoltaic park

At the Princesse Astrid de Belgique, représentante du Roi des belges, and the presidents of Berrechid, the ceremony of inauguration of an important photovoltaic fortress of 4010 panneaux sur la toiture de l'usine Silver Food, the leader of the marches du marocain dans le seteur from the conservatory of poissons, a piece of ses jardins et terrain adjacent.

S'exprimant à la occasion, Mme Nabila Hanane responsable Marketing à Silver Food, and indiqué que le groupe et décidé de mettre aux energies renouvelables dans le cadre de la concretisation de responsabilité sociétale, ajoutant qu'il est conscient de l'importance by the master in environmental environments and by the diversification of sources of approval for energy.

Elle and également contends that the total solar generator and the total capacity of 1061 kWp, which is 40% of the energy used by the power plant, and that it is not the prime minister of the long list of engagements environnementaux et sociaux que Silver Food envisage d'entreprise en faveur de localité et ses habitants et dans un plus plus large, du développement durable.

Silver Food, which is a subsidiary of 464 million DH, has 40% of its revenue share in local energy markets, and has been elected to Energy-Vision for four years in finance for installations over 6 years, assorti the guarantee on the rendering of the system.

It is also the case that the electricity industry adopts a common approach to reducing the cost of depreciation by 10%, which is the solution for the development of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean food industry. Energy, a major environmental impact assessment, and the impact of energy efficiency, and Mme Hanane's note.

For his son, the ministers of energy, the Mines and the Développement durable, Aziz Rabbah, and the indiqué qu'''''ujourd'hui, notre pays est bien engagé sur la voie de la tranfer energetic '', soulignant que les opportunités the investments are estimated at 40 billion dollars in the horizon 2030, which are not affected by renewables.

M. Rabbah and the outbreak of Roi Mohammed VI and the instructions of the Réunion of 1 November 2018 for the purposes of the objectives of the development of the EnR, the biomasse and the exemplary l 'État.

It is a part of the ceremony of the Prime Minister of the Flemish Region, Geert Bourgeois and the Secretary of State for Maritime Affairs, Mbarka Bouaida.

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