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16 November 2018 09:15> 10:07 |

V.D. The Road Director of Serbia says that it is the first B road and that the toll would apply to vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes

V.D. Serbia's Public Road Director Zoran Drobnjak said he would ask the government to raise the toll price by 10% and introduce a toll collection on the main roads.

Crusader said that the government and the ministry of transport would also propose to pay tolls for heavier 7.5 tonn vehicles on first-class roads, that is on main roads.

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"In addition to revenue growth, we also increase traffic safety because these trucks avoid shipping charges, so when they do, then we charge them on magical roads," said Drobnjak TV Prva.

He added that there is the most decent toll payment system in Serbia – how many kilometers you travel, you pay so much.

Chive also confirmed that 56 cameras will be installed on the freeway from Belgrade to Nisa to increase traffic safety.

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He said that from Belgrade to Nisa they will be installed every 15 kilometers and 14 portals with two cameras that record the state of the road in both directions.

Asking how this system will work, Drobnjak explained that the cameras record the time when the driver switched from one portal to another, and the software calculates the average speed based on this time and sends the police message if the allowed speed is exceeded.

Crusader said there was a public tender, and cameras and portals will be set up by March or April of next year.

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