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Djordje has brewed Ivan with his spitting, struck his fingers, spit lungs with spit, and the unhappy girl is currently facing a new torture!


May 18, 2019 08:29

Ivana Filipovičová (22), who was brutally defeated by her friend Djordje Lackovic (24), left the bookmaker in Novi Sad for a while, resigned and moved from a rented apartment where she lived with her friends Ljubica and Jovanka Pantelic.

Ivana Filipović

Ivana Filipovic, Photo: Facebook printscreen

Ivan's life continued to intervene. As we learned, an unknown person spreads the untruth about the relationship between defeated Ivana and Ljubica, who helped her after a brutal scratch. It's a lie that Ljubica and Djordje Lackovic had anything, and that until he came to Ivan, he found out about this "relationship."

With Ljubica, who saved her life by taking her to the emergency center, she is still in good relationships. When her parents came to her to lead her to the village, they grew up without any tricks written by some media.

Ljubica also confirmed that it was not true that they were fighting for Djordje. He claims that someone deliberately sends a message to the editor to fight it and Ivan, after all, survived together.

CHILDREN ANNOUNCED FROM THE BATTERY AND THE NEW HORROR HAVE AGREED! Ivan from Novi Sad ate Djordje with a knife, bake iron and pierced his lungs with a spit and now attacked the best friend! The reason is more than UZASAN!

As we learned, after Ivana left the hospital, Ljubica helped her most (she took her from the Institute of Pulmonary Diseases) and was with her during the treatment, she led the controls. She is still considered the best friend.

Djordje Lackovič

Đorđe Lacković, Photo:

Ljubica, she says, threatened anyone who was deceiving her and her relationship with Ivan.

– Ivana has returned to the village because she can no longer live in Novi Sad, her constant inquiries, curious looks at people, still reminds of the horror she has experienced, is overwhelming and she understands she must mentally calm down. She and her family are disturbed, they have no peace. Knife wound with knife is overgrown, there is no pain, but it feels good after a long time can sleep peacefully – says the interview.

POLOMIO JOJ REBRA AND PROBIO LUNA Ivan is waiting for NEW CHALLENGES and here is what her friend Djordje can expect!

– In her parents' village, she found peace, the attention of the family that lacked her most, relatives and families and friends she had met before she came to Novi Sad. He stays in the village until he finds a new job in the city nearby (Sremska Mitrovica, Sabac, possibly in Belgrade) – adds co-author.

As we learned, two families, Lackovic and Filipovic, do not communicate.

"Don't fight the police." Djordje, 24, defeated Ivan with a jug and baked iron, and then sent his brother a message from you to mourn! (PHOTO)

As for the investigation, Ljubica was questioned last week and told her only what had happened since she called her to come and took her to the emergency center. The next month will be three months since Djordje is in custody. Ivana hired a lawyer for an ongoing investigation.


On March 12, Ivana suffered severe injuries and was transferred to the Institute of Pulmonary Diseases in Sremska Kamenice at the Chest Surgery Department.

Suspect, with arms, legs and wooden stick, broke ribs, broke his lungs, smashed his face with a knife and burned his hands with his blade.

She suffered from multiple rib fractures, chest bumps, lung wrinkles, wrinkled pullovers and also had blood in her lungs, numerous injuries and burns on her face and hands, as well as several stings and cuts on her thighs.

Lackovic was given an urgent procedure to prohibit entry on the victim and to leave the apartment where they lived together. He was detained for another 30 days last week.

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