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Do we have 10,000,000, 200,000,000 and complain that it's not fair?

Ten Hag Gives Pokethin: Do we have 10,000,000, 200,000,000 and complain that it's not fair?

Are they big? They're like a mountain! But even Ajax and Tottenham suffered last season's fight against their superb rivals. And again, here are the Champions League semifinals that remind the world of how big they are. And how they can bite if they are allowed. So the day before the first semifinal calculation and a small verbal calculation Mauritius Poketina and Erika Ten Haga, strategists who have always been the embodiment of sporting behavior and fair play.

But when the Champions League Championship semifinals are over, the tension is over everyone. Therefore, a little "discussion" of two coaches, from which we did not expect. It wasn't that they were under the gentleman's behavior, but we weren't used to seeing them as warriors. And everything started Poketinom and his misfortune that Ajax played a league game with Vitez on Tuesday.
"I will never use it as an excuse, but the reality is that Ajax had a whole week to prepare for this match, while on Saturday we played a derby (with western hem, prim). I'm sure Ajax wouldn't be happy if the situation turned around. It would be better if teams were preparing the same way. Further preparation means less risk. Even if I'm not afraid of murder"He said." Poketino The conference was held in the morning.

Ten Hag It was only in the evening. But the answer was worth waiting for …
"What am I doing there for me? Circumstances are never identical. Let's say that we at Eredivision have television rights of 10,000,000 euros. Tottenham in the Premier League has 200,000,000. And then what's going on? Circumstances are as they are. Solve it“He was brutally clear Ten Haag.

After all, Ajax is such a club. Fourfold European Champion. Nobody in Amsterdam will admit that he is untouchable. They are neither Real nor Juventus, nor Tottenham. Many of them are now considered popular?
"This is irrelevant. These are just clichés. We always want to play with confidence but not naive. Of course we respect our opponents, but our quality is our strength. That's what we do in Ajax".

About opponent …
"Tottenham changes systems, but the principles of the game remain the same. We know what to expect and we know we can answer. If it changes shape, we will recognize it in time. We know what we have to do. Let's say we have a goal, that is very important in Europe. Remember, we were first on the side against the Liège standard, so we scored two goals"He said." Ten Haag although anyone in London will not like what he has in the same sentence with the norm at all.

But this is Ajax. Lots of big clubs. And it's not by chance.
"It's great that we reached the semi-finals, but we want more. This is the club's motto. We are never dissatisfied because when you are satisfied you will become lazy", It's clear." Ten Haag.

It will be a serious football game.

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