FULL EMISSION LOSS! GAGI'S DOGS AT THE SCENE: Leader and listener He was from PASION! (VIDEO) | Stars

Gagi Djogani was a guest on the cooperative 2 when he was unprecedented! Denser dropped into the center of the scene!

While the manager reported Susan Perovic Blondi and wished he was lucky to go to the rial, Gagi stood up from the chair and headed for the audience, so he probably went short, but he was caught and dropped directly into the audience.

photo: Print screen

They were all neglected, and Vodite just managed:

"Gagi just fell!".

They all were blind to the window, then laughed and Ognjen just added that he hoped Gaga would feel good after the fall.

Look at the video clip that looked like an unexpected moment.

Kurirr.rs / Photo: Print screen


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