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Google is editing the right of its first Telegraph

At the edge of the Dan, Google will be able to repair the Internet by many cities



Thanks to Google, Google Chrome has been surprised by the suggestions made in September that people who do not use URLs like kakav danas know each other.

Istraživači do not want to change the entire structure of the internet, or to give them the right to koji brauzeri transfer koji sajt tražite, so that they are not moral to breed their tricks and complicated URL addresses, or brojnim prevarama koje ihje okružuju.

In the case of the recently abdicated conference, Kohma had fun with bedless bedding, the Chrome-free bed, Emily Stark, had separated her mind from her controversy over the idea, and gave me more details about the plan.

Google's Stark does not plan to release URLs. Instead of this, companies would like to take advantage of our profitability through the flood of identity necog sajta.

Photo: AP / Tanjug

Trenutno, beskrivni nizo komplikovanih URL adresa, ki se nasavljajo izpolnje izpolnje.

They can give a malicious link to the nagging link to the legitimate site, or you can automatically redirect the address to the address.

With the eyebrows for the ogroman broj prevráž vezanih for the URL, Chrome timely naporno likes to two projects koja bi trebalo da mallaksaju stvari korisnicima.

– In my opinion, the promenades of the koji represent the identity of a non-sage. Ljudi bi trehalo da lako saznaju na kom su saju. It was not possible to possess the knowledge of the internet that they knew, according to Stark.

The focus of the focus is on the kid that can detect the URL of the koji na koxy's druggers from the standard practice.

The syllabus is an open source alat called TrickURI koji developerima, which helps you to find the right software for URLs to the right and to the consistency of the actions.

Photo: AP / Tanjug

It is the developer's responsibility to make sure that they are aware of any URLs that have been identified in the various situations.

On the other hand, Chrome also likes Chrome on the Chrome Web site, and the URL is out of the question. Ovi alarms or phases of internship training are necessary to evoke the system of koji to distinguish problematic address from onih legitimnih.

Even if the URL does not stop overnight, Stark's naglašava is in front of the next one to send the editing of the coroner about how much it can overwrite the longest URL address.

Veliki izazov je pronaći na nacin pro prezentacije pracovniho URL a koji korisniku po zapitani drani a bezpodniku, a tak uplne svojmu komponentu viog kojih ih je teško čitati-

Sve ovo zvuky kao naporan i frustrirajuć posao, nebo navyše výsledok bi mogao da ponuka bez bližšieho a jasnejšieho internetu.


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